The NSW English Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum mandates that in each year students must use digital technologies to create texts. My School Studio is a whole school resource that enables students to create increasingly more sophisticated digital texts as they move from Kindergarten to year 6 and beyond.

By the time they graduate from Year 6, a primary school is expected to have given its students the skills, knowledge and understanding to compose, edit and present well-structured and coherent texts. This includes the ability to competently and creatively use digital technologies to create texts. With My School Studio, and it’s Professional Development workshops and student programs, these outcomes can be achieved seamlessly.


Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding to:

● create digital texts.

● to effectively communicate via the digital medium of film.

● to respond to and make inferences about information via the digital medium of film.

● to critical analyse and evaluate information via the digital medium of film.

Values and Attitudes

Students learn to:

● appreciate digital film making as an integral and relevant part of life

● show interest and enjoyment in creating digital texts

● demonstrate confidence to use technology to create digital texts.

● develop and demonstrate understanding of the responsibilities of sharing digital

texts via the Internet.

● recognise that digital texts have developed as the result of significant

advancements in technology


Learning in My School Studio

From K­6 learning and understanding of digital film making are developed. Students are

encouraged to apply the knowledge, skills and understanding from all key learning areas to the

digital film making process.

Welcome to My School Studio

My School Studio is the vision to inspire, educate and facilitate the use of tablet technology in a 21st century curriculum. As a subsidiary of Australia’s first acting for camera school holiday programs, it is backed by the longevity and vast experience of StarTime and its founder; award winning director and producer Lindsay Moss.

With Lindsay and his highly skilled team, StarTime has created, shot and edited over 500 films with children of all ages in its eight years of production. The programs have worked with over 5000 students creating programs that differentiate the learning for an inclusive workshop program. Originating in Australia, StarTime and it’s revolutionary view of tablet technology has been enveloped by the international market.

StarTime continues to create and provide constantly evolving and relevant programs that engage learners every day. Students are introduced to a variety of tools that encourage and inspire a connection to all things 21st century learning. These new skills are continuously developed and students are given a plethora of opportunities to apply these skills to their own creative ventures.