The Possibilities Are Endless

The NSW English Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum mandates that in each year students must use digital technologies to create texts. My School Studio is a whole school resource that enables students to create increasingly more sophisticated digital texts as they move from Kindergarten to year 6 and beyond.

By the time they graduate from Year 6, a primary school is expected to have given its students the skills, knowledge and understanding to compose, edit and present well-structured and coherent texts. This includes the ability to competently and creatively use digital technologies to create texts. With My School Studio, and it’s Professional Development workshops and student programs, these outcomes can be achieved seamlessly.

With an emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, imagination and creating well- structured, multi-modal texts across all key learning areas, the possibilities really are… endless.

My School Studio is a result of the significant advances in technology and utilises the ease of smart devices and their apps to create multi-modal texts.



Students go back in time, embody characters and explore events during the British Colonisation, through interviews and recreations.

Time-lapse Photography

Using time-lapse photography students explore nature and everyday patterns in many different environments.

Reality TV Show

Students create a reality TV show to explore literacy and numeracy.