Feedback from our after-school workshops

Dear Lindsay, … then you guys came along and created a space for Dave to recognise himself and his wit and that will always be of great benefit to him no matter what he decides to do with his life. Best thing that ever happened to him. It wasn’t just about the acting…a whole person more than just the acting.

Thank you deeply, fifteen times deeply, and I hope that your children experience some one or something as wonderful, life affirming, magical and indubitably fantastic as Dave’s time with StarTime. Because that would be about the nicest thing I could give to you and your little ones. Some one like you…

Rosey Jones

Dear Lindsay, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Jasmine in the last 3 years at StarTime. As you know, we started her in Grade 1 at the recommendation of her teacher to help with her really poor voice projection. Never in our wildest dreams did we think she would get to the point of where she is now. She has not only developed her voice skills but genuinely loves drama and performing. She continues to blow us away with her growing confidence and the skills she has learned in an area in life that does not come naturally for her. We look forward to watching her progress even further as she continues with your workshops. Thanks again.

Kylie and Paul Hinds

Bronte had a ball doing the performance – her confidence on stage was amazing. Bronte is a really quiet girl doesn’t say boo in class, all her school reports for the last couple of years always mention how quiet she is but she shines in your class. Bronte loves Tuesdays because she knows in the afternoon she will be attending your class. I am extremely happy with the work you are doing with the kids and I am sure I will see changes in Bronte as her confidence grows. Thanks.

Donna White

We started our nine year-old son with StarTime drama classes to improve his confidence, but we weren’t expecting such incredible results. His drama class quickly became his favourite after-school activity. His confidence has skyrocketed and he has now decided on a career as a stand-up comedian! Lindsay is a fantastic teacher. He inspires the kids and makes the classes fabulously fun. Our son’s class performed their first play last week and we were staggered by how well he did – and with his comic timing! Lindsay has taught the kids enough stage craft that, although they didn’t remember all their lines, no one panicked – they simply improvised – as they have been taught to do in class. Their play was an overwhelming experience for all the parents – and an incredibly enjoyable one for the kids.

Susana Danoy

We really did enjoy the production and all the children from aftercare in the audience had a great time too. Louis has enjoyed every single Startime class ,he cant wait to get to them each week and to be able to see a production through from conception to script writing to rehearsal to performance was a wonderful experience. The quality of the work surprised me.We cannot wait for next term to start. Thanks again Lindsay.

Peter & Jo

WHAT A WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE!… You are really helping bring Isabella out of a period of uncertainty, she will get there thanks to a lot of encouragement from you! A big THANK YOU!

Suzie Rosenberg