FAQ – Holiday Workshops

What should my kids wear to the workshop?

As the StarTime workshops are highly active, we ask that children wear comfortable clothing and bring layers i.e. a cardigan for break time when they may cool down. It is StarTime’s policy to ensure all children are wearing appropriate footwear i.e. enclosed shoes, which have ankle support, preferably sneakers if they are participating in hip-hop dance classes.

Do you supply food and drink?

No the workshop is not catered for, however there will be water provided at the workshop. We stop for 3 breaks on each day of the workshop; Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. There are no canteens or shops to buy food, so please ensure your child brings along with them whatever you feel is adequate for the day. It is also advisable to pack a drink bottle and/or water bottle. StarTime takes no responsibility for the food consumed at the workshops. It is StarTime’s policy to guarantee our best effort to ensure children eat their food. We realise how important it is to these growing bodies that they replenish their energy levels at break time. We have therefore introduced a procedure to regulate this. At Break time the StarTime Break Monitor will encourage the kids to sit down and eat their lunch. If the Break Monitor discovers children who are not eating on their break, it is their responsibility to inform the Head StarCoach who will decide whether it is necessary to inform the parent. We believe it’s just as important to look after children’s health as it is their safety.

What should my child bring with them to the workshop?

A water bottle is always advisable. A jumper or cardigan in case they get cold during break times. In the case of our holiday workshops we do encourage any children who play a musical instrument to bring it along to the workshop for talent quests and/or to involve in drama activities. Sometimes we do have theme days like ‘crazy hair day’ or ‘rock-star day’ so they may bring associated props for these activities.

Do I have to book in for the whole workshop or can my child just come to the first day?

You are most welcome to try the first day at a discounted price of $78. We do occasionally offer a 2 day special for just $100 for our Spectacular & Extravaganza workshops. Please refer to the Holiday Workshop listing page to see if this is available for the workshop you’re interested in.
After your child has experienced the first day or two he/she is welcome to continue on with the rest of the workshop. It is just a matter of paying the balance of the workshop fees, which can be organized with any of the StarTime Coaches at the workshop.
We work towards a performance in all our workshops, so it’s important that your child gives a full committment when they’ve enrolled into the complete workshop. It not only offers the most fun, but also gives the child a sense of achievement to be involved in producing and performing in a show at the end of the week.

My child has allergies. How will she be cared for during the workshop?

It is important that StarTime are informed of your child’s allergies when booking into the workshop. We keep this information on file, to alert the Star Coach. On request we will also email/SMS all enrolments prior to the workshop to advise them of any special requirements in regards to a childs allergies. We also advise that you bring this to the attention of the Head Coach and provide them with the steps which need to be taken if an allergic reaction takes place at the workshop. StarTime have a “No nut policy”.

Can I stay and watch the workshop?

From our experience when parents stay to watch the workshop it’s often a distraction to the kids, especially for the child. We don’t encourage this, but in some special circumstances we do allow this. If you feel concerned about leaving your child at the workshop please speak to the Star Coach prior to the workshop commencing.

Can I pick my child up early from the workshop?

If it’s a rare situation that requires you to pick up your child early then we’re happy to accommodate this. We don’t allow this arrangement on a regular basis, as it’s very disruptive to the class and is no benefit to the child.

Where will they keep their bags and belongings during the workshop?

Please be sure to explain to any child attending a STS workshop that theymust take responsibility for their own belongings and must keep their bags in the designated area (we will remind them of this). There is always a StarCoach present to look after bags and belongings however, it is advisable that they do not bring anything highly valuable.

How are the kids supervised?

Children are not allowed outside the designated room(s), without the expressed permission of a StarCoach. There will always be two StarCoaches teaching during class hours and at least one StarCoach on duty during break hours. Under no circumstance are children left unsupervised. For junior students (i.e. 8yrs & under) a buddy system is established at the commencement of the workshop to ensure buddies look after each other during break times and go to the toilet together.

What should happen in the case of an accident or if my child feels ill during class?

A complete first aid kit is always on hand for every StarCoach. In case of an emergency accident or if a child falls ill, the Head StarCoach is responsible for supervising the remaining children while the StarCoach attends to the ill child, contacts the parents if necessary and fills out an accident report. It is the Head StarCoach’s responsibility to follow up with the parents of the child before the commencement of the next day’s workshop, to check on the well being of the child.

What age groups do you cater for and do the kids get broken up into age groups?

The School Holiday Workshops cater for children 5-12 years of age and 12- 16yrs of age in The Studio workshops. We also occasionally run ‘SparkleTime’ workshops for children 3-5 years. We do warm-ups and some games are played as a group before the kids are broken into groups according to age/ability.

What are the group sizes?

We ensure a low student to coach ratio, so there is no more than 10 students per StarCoach. We will put on an assistant coach when the numbers exceed the class limit.

Do many boys attend the workshop?

StarTime workshops are designed for both girls and boys. We make it our priority to keep up to date with the latest trends, songs, characters and themes so that all our workshops are relevant and enjoyable for everyone. The boys are quite often out numbered by the girls, but the boys who do attend enjoy it immensely. It is StarTime’s ambition to encourage as many boys as possible to explore the performing arts, as it can be just as rewarding as sport. We have found hip hop dancing a great way to do this.

Can they bring a friend, brother or sister along?

Absolutely! All children attending the workshop must be enrolled prior to the day of the workshop but we do offer drop-in rates for kids who would like to try the first day to see if they like it. We also offer special discounts for children who bring a group of friends or sibling along to the workshop. Please refer to our Discounts page or click here

How can I contact you (or my child) should we need to on the day?

Should you need to contact us or your child during the workshop you can call the StarTime office on 1300 463 513 or the mobile: 0414 786 783. The Head Coach’s phone number will also be supplied in the workshop information pack.

What if my child cannot attend the whole workshop?

As the workshops run over a few days culminating in a Final Performance Show for friends and family on the last day, it is preferable for all kids to attend every day of the workshop. Also so that they get to share the full experience with their friends! We do however, offer drop-in rate of $99 for kids that can only 1 day. The first day trial rate is discounted to $78 and we do occasionally offer a ‘2 day special’ for just $100 for our Spectacular & Extravaganza workshops. Please refer to the Holiday Workshop listing page to see if this is available for the workshop you’re interested in.

How do I book and pay?

To secure a spot in a holiday or after school (term) workshop we encourage you to book and pay online, either click on the “Bookings” page or enrol through the “Workshops” page. Bookings may be made directly through the StarTime office by phoning: 1300 463 513. Please leave a message if the office is unattended. StarTime accepts Visa and MasterCard only.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Refunds will only be considered if a minimum of 48 hours notice is given prior to the commencement of the relevant StarTime workshop. All refunds incur a $20 administration fee:

2 – 1 weeks out: 25% of workshop fee

1 week – 48hrs out: 50% of workshop fee

Less than 48hrs: 100% of workshop fee.

As an alternative and last resort to paying the cancellation fee, participants can transfer their place to a friend of similar age and ability (if in a graded class). StarTime Studios reserves the right to cancel a workshop for reasons beyond our control. If this happens, all fees will be fully refunded or transferred to another course.

Is StarTime CCB registered?

While StarTime is not registered for the Child Care Benefit [CCB], occasionally there is a venue that StarTime holds workshops at which is CCB registered, therefore our customers will also be entitled to claim the CCB or Child Care Rebate [CCR], should one of these entitlements be applicable to you. In such cases there will be a specific enrolment form which will need to be filled out before the workshop commences. For more information please email StarTime here.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. StarTime are covered for up to $10Million for Public Liability Insurance

What are the teachers like?

For your peace of mind, all StarTime Coaches have passed an official NSW Working with Children check. For more information about our coaches please click here.

What are the start and finish times?

We do understand it can be difficult to always be on time however, it is important for kids to stick to the schedule as much as possible so that they don’t miss out on any essential warm-ups or exercises. At the end of the day a StarTime Coach will be present to make sure all children are picked up so please be considerate with timing. Start/Finish times differ for each workshop.

Apart from gaining performance skills, what other benefits do your workshops offer?

We are in the business of confidence building for children and young people. We work hard to create an environment where children’s ideas and creativity is validated and celebrated. The StarTime teaching policy is fun and encouragement. If a student says “I can’t do that” we will turn it around to show that they are “LEARNING to do that.” We pride ourselves on positive feedback and patience. StarTime has built its reputation on providing and atmosphere which is fun, relaxed and safe. Once this is established – using these guidelines – learning and achieving effective results becomes far easier.

Are there any awards or reward systems at the workshops?

All children will receive a StarTime Graduation Certificate at the end of the workshop detailing what ‘areas’ they have completed successfully i.e. Hip Hop dance, Acting for Camera, Musical Theatre. We also award a StarTime Oscar and other daily awards during the workshop.

What does the Presentation to family & friends involve?

For the duration of our 2, 3, 4 & 5 day workshops, the children and StarCoaches work together to present a professionally organised show for the friends and family which is held on the last day of the workshop (usually the last hour but you will be advised of exact time by the Head Coach at the workshop). The StarTime performance show is the kid’s big moment to shine and show what they have learnt and achieved over the duration of the workshop!

School Holiday Workshop Discounts

10% Early Bird Discount: if you book and pay by the cut off date.

5% Family Discount: if you book more than one child into a holiday workshop from the same family.

25% Group Discount: This discount applies only to a group of 5 students who have enrolled in a holiday workshop, which has this particular discount on offer.

Payment must be received by the early bird cut off date. If payment is received after the cut off date then our standard rate will apply. If you’re group is less than 5 students as of the cut of date then the early bird discount will be applied. Places are not confirmed until full payment has been received.

NOTE: A maximum of 15% discount is permitted per family, except if apart of a group discount. The 5% family discount only applies if enrolling into the full duration of the workshop. The 25% group discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. Our group discount only applies at the initial booking, not to students who have already enrolled and paid into the nominated holiday workshop.

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