Feedback from our holiday workshops

It was their absolute favourite camp from last holidays (and they go to lots of different ones!) and so I have already re-booked them both for April. And they are bringing lots of friends.

Rachel Nemes (13/5/15)

StarTime came along and created a space for Dave to recognise himself and his wit and that will always be of great benefit to him no matter what he decides to do with his life. Best thing that ever happened to him. It wasn’t just about the acting…a whole person more than just the acting. Thank you deeply, fifteen times deeply, and I hope that your children experience some one or something as wonderful, life affirming, magical and indubitably fantastic as Dave’s time with StarTime.

Rosey Jones (8/7/14)

Our daughter has loved both Startime workshops she has attended and is already asking if she can return again next holidays. These are fun, worthwhile and confidence-building workshops. The cost is comparable or less than local holiday-club options and being with different children and away from their usual school grounds, means Startime is much more of a change / holiday.

Peter and Marcia (28/1/14)

Seth and Zane really enjoyed StarTime week and we’re looking forward to seeing the cd. I think next time they will even get more out of ot as they will know what to expect. I think you were great role models for them too. I really liked the way you interacted with the kids and really brought out their creative side, which hasn’t been fostered that way before. Their mother said she has never seen them do a proper dance routine before and to know their cues so well. Thank you for giving our boys the opportunity to express their desires.

Kariena Foyle and Caroline Jenkins (29/12/13)

All I can say is that Marlon had an absolute ball and actually cried when he realised it had come to an end. I’ve booked him into a 2-day course in Jan so that cheered him up! Thanks again.

Cate Rayson (20/12/13)

MY girls Carla and Juliette are quite shy in front of new crowds but after the StarTime week I visibly noticed them speak more confidently to adults, engage in eye contact and be more confident generally in unusual settings. Apart from that they had a ball! Thank you for a great week.

Sil Malki

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so very much for your workshop today. My daughter was rather nervous & apprehensive this morning so of course I was hoping all day she would enjoy it & allow her creativity to come out & play just a little & when I picked her up this afternoon she was overjoyed, beaming & so thrilled. Not only did she have a ball but she had a great confidence boost & won the Oscar. I am so thrilled for her & want to say thank you!!!!!

Nicky Golan

Our daughter Olivia (aged 6) attended a StarTime holiday workshop in the September School holidays. Olivia had no former singing or performing experience.

When I watched the concert at the end of the StarTime workshop I was thrilled to see her really have a go and participate with confidence and pride. It was a great achievement in only a few days.

However it has been in the weeks following that the true benefits of the workshop have become apparent. Olivia obviously came home inspired by the other kids at StarTime and the wonderful teachers. Olivia seems reassured and more comfortable expressing herself as a result of her StarTime experience. Olivia’s attitude towards performing, singing and dancing has significantly changed. She is enthusiastic incorporates singing and dancing into her play every day. My husband and I are amazed by the difference StarTime has made.

We would highly recommend StarTime to any parent.

Erika and Frank Alker

StarTime workshops have been a wonderful experience for my 8 year old son Jonah who has been doing the holiday workshops since he was 6. He started off very timid and at each workshop he slowly developed confidence. After two years having not missed one holiday workshop, he has gone from a timid, quiet boy to a confident, show pony.

As a mother I have enjoyed watching this wonderful transformation and I absolutely love the red carpet event at the end of the workshop week. I still can’t believe how the teachers can get such a wonderful show to watch in just 4 days.

I only wish I had StarTime when I was younger. What an amazing workshop this is for young kids.

Tina Simmons

My children ginger and George have been attending their workshops and classes regularly for the last 4 years . On each occasion the course has been professionally run by outstanding staff. The course always has a well organised program , with innovative concepts to inspire the imagination and ability of all participants, and engage their full attention. On each occasion my children have learnt new skills and as a result gained tremendous self confidence and personal development.

Ali Yeldhan

My daughters Andie and Tessa had the most fantastic experience at Star Time. I have never seen them so happy to attend an activity. They woke up full of enthusiasm every day and ready to be creative. The level of confidence and team building skills the girls gained during their star time experience was beyond expectations. The staff care and engage themselves fully with the kids. My girls want to attend star time every school holidays now…lucky me!

Penne Dennison

Hi – Will had the best week with you all last week and I am so glad I booked him in at the last minute. He just loved the hip hop and singing and couldn’t wait for the big performance on Friday. All very professional and great teachers that really inspired him. He obviously was so delighted with his Oscar! Thanks so much and I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Tora Brooke

In April 2013, our 4 boys participated in a 3 day StarTime Live To Sing & Dance Workshop. Participating in this type of activity was outside the comfort zone for our boys, however, it provided a secure environment to ‘have a go’ and to learn new techniques in a fun and interactive manner. All four boys thrived and rose to the challenge, resulting in a spectacular performance where each boy could demonstrate a new skill and cohesive team work. To this day, our eldest son plays the music score for ‘Good Times’ every day – morning and night! Since participating in this program, I have noticed a new buzz and interests for the boys. I highly recommend the StarTime Programs to other parents and children, and am so happy that my children are asking to participate again!

Rowena Young

I just wanted to let you know again what a wonderful time Jade and Tali had at the workshop this past week- they were so sad that it was over! They really have both grown in confidence and Jade is especially feeling much more confident in her abilities. I am also very impressed with how professional the program is and the content that is covered. Especially in such a short time frame. Jade has done NIDA workshops in the past that don’t come close to what you do at Star Time.

Jessica Hollander

The most awesome week of school at ISR EVER! StarTime Studios came for the week and did amazing stuff with the kids. They were still on cloud nine today. You would have thought you had died and gone to heaven with all the acting and film making they taught the kids in such a short time.

Jen Loria

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, Zara, had a fantastic time. She actually said it was the best thing she had ever done (and believe me, we have done a lot of “activities”!)

Nicolette Rubinsztein

Skye LOVED the startime workshop and is very keen to do more in the future. I think she really gained a lot from it. Experience and confidence wise. Thank you to you and your team.

Anne O’Neil

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for accommodating my son Lindsey Miller last week into the startime school holiday extravaganza. Whilst Lindsey wanted to participate in the experience that Startime offers there was (for him ) a disconnect – to a degree, but as the week went on he definitely warmed up to the atmosphere and culture. Your help and patience with him – and me – gave him an opportunity to try to exercise his ‘entertainment bug’. to put his toe in the water and try it out.

I can now report to you and the team that Lindsey utterly enjoyed himself and cannot wait until the next school holidays so he can sing, dance and act his way through the week. Please advise us of the next event so that I can arrange his attendance or conversely I would be interested in hearing if there is something he could do in the interim. He really has the bug!

Stuart Miller

My daughter Mia (9) has attended 10 Startime holiday workshops over the past 3 years and my son Jack (6) has attended 2. I cannot recommend Startime highly enough. To see not only my own children but others, many of whom are very shy, grow in confidence enabling them to speak and perform confidently on stage is wonderful to see. Startime provides a safe nuturing environment for all children to shine. The teachers are unbelievable, all highly skilled professionals working in the entertainment industry, who enthusiastically nuture the children. The concert held at the end of each workshop is such a delight. The children are all so proud and I am constantly amazed at what they can achieve in a relatively short time. The workshops are very professionally run and I would have no hesitation in recommending Startime to any parent looking for a fantastic week of school holiday fun. Keep up the great work!

Michelle Sullivan

Just a quick note to tell you what a great time Lili had at the StarTime workshop at North Sydney these holidays. It’s a delight to show up and have happy, playful, positive staff to welcome and inspire the children, so please thank Tori and Jen for that. I also love the way Lili brings home her new skills in acting, singing and dance and incorporates them into many other areas of play, both with and without friends. The confidence she has in articulating her environment or a make-believe one she creates around her, further reminds me of the importance of creative play and the beauty of children in their own world. It’s something I want to hang on to for as long as possible and Lili is absolutely shining in that wonderful world called childhood. Thank you!

I also found the dynamics of the different children really interesting. As we enroled on the first day, I watched them interact. On the last day I saw a different group of children who, through acting, could let go of their inhibitions and shine. They looked so happy, so confident in their new-found skill. Lili learnt that helping others to shine is just as powerful as shining herself. The celebration of their combined achievements was wonderful to watch.

Sally Penfold

Lindsay, You’ve been an Awesome acting teacher from beginning to end and you always support us and help us achieve what we wish to accomplish” Just a quick email to let you know that Connor really enjoyed his time at the Paddington RSL last week. He would say “it rocked or was awesome”! I thought it was wonderful watching his creativity being explored and his growing confidence being slightly superceded by the fun he had.

Zara (8yrs)

Thanks to all of you involved for all your mentoring, nurturing and ability to challenge and push him further along as seen in the final extravaganza! The CONNORNATOR will definitely be back! Thanks again.

Zoe Beale

Thanks to Joel, Minh and Solo for providing such an entertaining extravaganza for Anika these holidays. To see the performance at the end was very important for us as parents to see what she had learned over just 3 days. I was amazed at her abilities under the guidance of your teachers. She loves her new found skills and is now singing and dancing around the house. I love to see her so happy. She loved the Born to Perform workshop at Cranbrook and will definitely do it again. Thanks ever so much.

Vickie Stokes

My son, Cam, has been on a number of holiday workshops & after school drama classes with StarTime. They are just fantastic! The team at Startime are professional & incredibly enthusiastic about building children’s confidence & skill in the performing arts. Cam came home every day filled with excitement & couldn’t wait to go back the next morning. When one workshop finishes, he can’t wait for the next. The StarTime team’s enthusiasm is infectious and Cam has definitely grown in confidence during his time on the workshops to be able to sing & dance on stage in front of an audience. The confidence he gains is a skill that he can bring to all he does outside the workshops too.

Michele Pitts

WOW!!! Firstly I’d like to extend my heartfelt APPRECIATION – what a truely wonderful 4 days Jordana and Teneal had at StarTime. It is through your professionalism and expertise that you have been able to teach each and every child to step outside their own comfort zone, and really give them the encouragement and show them how to use different resources to accomplish a stage performance. A performance that included speaking parts, dance, singing, films and acting. Seeng this all come together in such a short time, and the frienships and bonds that these children have made is a credit to you and your team. ….Knowing the personalities and different abilities of the girls, I must say I sat there and felt so proud, and can see why the children were sooooo excited to get there on time and not miss even the warm up or stretches. It is this confidence that is instilled in them at this age and of course the pure love of performing that will help them in their future at school, social and the arts. Once again, Thank you.

Suzanne Brown

Inspirational! The best holiday workshop our daughter has ever done. Action packed, Steph was coming home with comments about the coaches like “I don’t know which one is my favourite because they are all so good at what they do”, and “if it went Saturday and Sunday as well I would be there!” Steph got so much inspiration and energy from the young enthusiastic coaches; they were talented mentors for her. She finished the week saying “I am definitely going again next holidays” and is encouraging everyone around her to go along as well. Her confidence has grown enormously in just one week. Well done StarTime, such a productive workshop. Keep on shining.

From Penny and Jock Mackillop

Firstly congratulations on a really great week, it seemed that all the kids enjoyed the camp and they really did achieve a lot in that time. Bronte had so much fun and enjoyed the camera work and dance routines especially. Your programme really engaged Bronte and she was really keen to attend each day. You and your staff were fabulous and really that makes the week such a success – the positive attitudes and professionalism along with the connections to the different personalities of the children make a great recipe for success.

Dallas Winnem

To all of you, You are the best, you taught me great things.You made me feel comfortable.I can’t wait until I go back to Star Time.I have only got 20 days to go. GO STAR TIME! GO STAR TIME! GO STAR TIME! GO STAR TIME! GO STAR TIME! GO STAR TIME! GO STAR TIME! Thanks heaps.

Niki Ingersole (9yrs)

Thank you for a fantastic workshop, Bella has been winding down after a very full week, breaking out in dance and song all throughout her play.The only thing I regret is being late for the show! …… Please pass on to Yolanda and your other coaches our appreciation of them, for the childrens performance they teach, inspire, encourageand facilitate. You have a STAR team.

Jodi Phillips

Sorry I did not get to see your concert yesterday. I heard such wonderful reports from the parents and the children. The parents were absolutely delighted with the progress that the girls have made in such a short time. Congratulations!

Aviva Notelovitz – Kesser Torah College (AASC Program)

Yesterday the children did their performance, the children had lots of fun performing and some parents came and said it was really cute! Jules did stay way over her time, so can you just pass on to her that we really appreciated it and Thank her for everything shes done!

Kartini Brenner – Bronte After-school Care

Both my daughters attended the “Startime Triple Treat Holiday” workshops in the recent holidays. I found the “Startime team” to be an outstanding example of quality teachers with a keen eye to produce the very best in each child. The course has been the most valuable to date of those we have attended.

Marie Anderson

Lindsay, I just want to thank you and your team for putting on a great workshop. Leyla is still talking about it. She practices her turns on the catwalk everyday. Could we please order a DVD of her acting work. Thanks again.

Asuman Barry

What you guys provide is something really unique. Mathew had such a great time on your holiday workshop. Your tutors are passionate about what they teach and their enthusiasm rubs off on the kids…fantastic! See you at the next workshop!

Liz, Balgowlah

“Our daughter had an absolutely wonderful week with you all at StarTime. She came home every day singing , dancing and smiling. Thank you so much. Money very well spent! What a great experience for all involved.” – Beth

Beth (Jan 2016)