Learning in My School Studio

From K-6 learning and understanding of digital film making are developed. Students are encouraged to apply the knowledge, skills and understanding from all key learning areas to the digital film making process.

Creating a digital film with K-6 students incorporates aspects of the following:


– Give a response
– Provide a justification
– Provide an elaboration
– Expresses a point of view
– Gives and opinion supported by evidence Sustains a point of view drawing on a range of sources
– Sustains a point of view drawing on a range of sources
– Critically responds to information

Representing & Composing

[including imaginative, informative and persuasive texts]

– Sound effects
– Special effects
– Well-sequenced
– Well-edited
– Draws ideas from personal experiences
– Draws ideas from other texts and research Includes more detailed subject matter and ideas Explores ethical dilemmas
– Uses complex theme and concepts


– Gives a sequenced a retell
– Interprets meaning by making inferences
– Analyses information
– Evaluates information

Digital Film Making

[using smart devices]

– Single shot
– Multiple Shot: different shot sizes – wide to close Up
– Moving shot
– Still shot
– Presenting to Camera – eyelines
– Presenting for intended audience
– Point of View Shot
– Capturing sound
– Capturing and framing for light Collaboration: cast & crew