The Basic Skills Professional Development one day workshop, provides teachers with the fundamentals of movie making using iPads, to ensure the easy integration and implementation of digital technologies to create texts.

By the time they graduate from Year 6, a primary school is expected to have given its students the skills, knowledge and understanding to compose, edit and present well-structured and coherent texts. This includes the ability to use digital technologies to create texts. Our aim is to provide your teachers with the foundation to incorporate these skills effectively into the mandatory use of digital technologies whilst adhering to the new 21st century curriculum.

We look at all the major aspects of creating digital texts including:
– Creating an imaginative and creative space
– How to extract and foster an idea
– Camera skills
– Cast and crew: roles and responsibilities
– Tips and tricks
– Edit like a Pro

During this professional development teachers will develop, shoot and edit their own movie to ensure a thorough understanding of the collaborative process. It is impossible to make you professional movie makers by the end of this course but we will make you the best movie making teachers around.

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