Stage 1


In this 1 day Lights Camera Education program, Year 1 students at Guise Public found making their own movie trailer of the classic fairytale; “Jack and The Beanstalk” an inspiring way to explore storytelling.

English Outcomes Addressed

Speaking and Listening 1 EN1­-1A
A student communicates with a range of people in informal and guided activities demonstrating interaction skills and considers how own communication is adjusted in different situations

Writing and representing 1 EN1-­2A
A student plans, composes and reviews a small range of simple texts for a variety of purposes on familiar topics for known readers and viewers

Speaking and Listening 2 EN1-­6B
A student recognises a range of purposes and audiences for spoken language and recognises organisational patterns and features of predictable spoken texts

Writing and representing 2 EN1-­7B
A student identifies how language use in their own writing differs according to their purpose, audience and subject matter

Reading and viewing 2 EN1-­8B
A student recognises that there are different kinds of texts when reading and viewing and shows an awareness of purpose, audience and subject matter

Thinking imaginatively and creatively EN1­-10C
A student thinks imaginatively and creatively about familiar topics, ideas and texts when responding to and composing texts

Expressing themselves EN1­-11D
A student responds to and composes a range of texts about familiar aspects of the world and their own experiences

Reflecting on learning EN1­-12E
A student identifies and discusses aspects of their own and others’ learning

Literacy Development

Students develop an imaginative text to explore and recount the fairy tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

English Outcomes addressed:


Critical & Creative Thinking Key Idea

Identifying, exploring, organising and condensing relevant information

Combining ideas to create new possibilities

Reflecting on thinking

Analysing and evaluating ideas

Information & Communication Technology Key Idea

Creating with ICT independently and collaboratively

Communicating with ICT

Managing and Operating ICT

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Creative Arts: Drama

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