In addition to the hardware you receive in your My School Studio you are also entitled to the invaluable Green Screen Professional Development Workshop. During this one day tutorial your teachers will discover all of the tips and tricks when working with the green screen and how to get the most out of it with and for your students.

Over the course of the one day development day your teachers will:

– Learn about the iPad app that makes the magic happen

– Understand the fundamental elements needed to effectively use the green screen

– Discover how to import backgrounds from various locations and create your own backgrounds

– Understand which background to use and when for the greatest effect

– Develop basic filmmaking skills to adequately and effectively use the green screen, such as; screen shots, ideal framing and sound

– How to use the studio for 21st century learning, such as; collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity

– Basic idea of how to integrate the studio into your curriculum saving you time

– How to use the green screen as an assessment strategy

The Green Screen Professional Development day is an interactive, informative and engaging workshop for your teachers that will provide them with the necessary skills
and encouragement to get the most out of your new My School Studio.

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