Stage 2: English


Stage 2

Quick Summary

Here’s a great example of students becoming 21st century knowledge creators. Over 4 weeks these stage 2 students produced “how ­to” videos to help educate their stage 1 & 2 students on using their My School Studio effectively. All done using StarTime’s My School Studio green screen and mobile technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students understand the film they are making is to provide an audience with information in the form of a story.
  • Students create their story by researching and writing scripts based on the topic of work.
  • Students search and collect images relating to the locations of their film for use on the green screen.
  • Students work collaboratively, being responsible for different roles that contribute to the successful production of a film.
  • Students employ the most efficient editing process in the production of their films.
  • Students can communicate using film grammar in order to achieve certain effects.

21st Century Skills

  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity Thinking
  • Digital Literacy
  • Presenting to Camera / Drama

General Capabilities

• . Identifying, clarifying, analysing and condensing relevant information
• . Combining ideas to create new possibilities
• . Reflecting on thinking
• . Scrutinising ideas

Syllabus Outcomes

Speaking and listening EN3­1A
A student communicates effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes using increasingly challenging topics, ideas, issues and language forms and features

Writing and representing EN3­2A
A student composes, edits and presents well­structured and coherent texts

Reading and Viewing EN3­-3A
A student uses an integrated range of skills, strategies and knowledge to read, view and comprehend a wide range of texts in different media and technologies

Responding and composing EN3-­5B
A student discusses how language is used to achieve a widening range of purposes for a widening range of audiences and contexts

Grammar, punctuation and vocabulary EN3­-6B
A student uses knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary to respond to and compose clear and cohesive texts in different media and technologies

Thinking imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically EN3-­7C
A student thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information and ideas and identifies connections between texts when responding to and composing texts

Expressing themselves EN3-­8D
A student identifies and considers how different viewpoints of their world, including aspects of culture, are represented in texts

Reflecting on learning EN3-­9E
A student recognises, reflects on and assesses their strengths as a learner

Unit of Work

How To Videos

Time Required

4 x 90min sessions

Resources Required

• Scripts / Script writing resources and templates
• Crew and cast roles
• Rehearsal techniques
• Green screen / filming techniques and resources

Digital Technology

• iPads equipped with editing / music & filming software
• iPad mounts & tripods
• Sound equipment
• Lights
• Green screen(s)

Completed Film