Scary Movie Making

Ever wondered how a film can scare you right of your seat?! If you love films and you love telling stories via film, then this workshop teaches you HOW.

Making scary films uses all the techniques you need to make ALL sorts of films – suspense, action and emotion. Our professional filmmakers will show you techniques in; How to use camera movement, angles and framing, music and sound effects, as well as lighting and performance to manipulate, shock and scare your audience right out of their seats! In this workshop, we use iPads, and microphones with iMovie to create your group’s film over the course of the workshop. 

Our drama workshops build confidence and ensure your child shines in a team environment. We provide a dynamic program, delivered by experienced, professional performers passionate about teaching children and young people.

What You’ll Learn

Improvisation: learning and solidifying the basics of “making stuff up” on the spot. Thinking on your feet, outside the box, releasing fear, connecting to instinct. through theatre games and exercises.
Vocal: breathing exercises Finding your big voice, exploring your range, articulation games to improve vocal confidence, clarity and dexterity.
Physical Expression: Releasing fear to explore your full imaginative physical range to create characters of all types, sizes and shapes.

Term 1 & 3: parents are invited to an open class when the students will display some of the skills and exercise learned during the term.
Term 2 & 4: includes a show at the end of term for family and friends to enjoy, observe and celebrate the skills and personal growth each student has achieved over the term.

Tues 4.45-5.45pm

Coogee Diggers,
Cnr of Carr & Byron Streets, Coogee
COST: $20/class
We offer a pick up service for students who attend Coogee Care, for $3/child

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Helping Them Shine

StarTime’s holiday workshops are fun and innovative programs focusing on developing the fundamental 21st Century Learning Values of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Essential skills to “help them shine” in today’s connected world.

Terms & Conditions

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