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FAQ’s – StarTime LIVE for Vacation Care Centres

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing and supportive (no flip flops).There is no need to bring devices or other equipment with you StarTime will provide what’s necessary for the workshop.

Science & Art workshops: we recommend dressing your kids in clothes that you don’t mind them getting messy in.

For workshops in the workplace
If your child is staying on premise with our StarTime Coaches then you may like to pack a book or device for their down time. The StarTime Coaches will co-ordinate quiet activities for them to do during the break.

Yes, please pack enough snacks, lunch and drink for the whole day. There are breaks throughout the day. We ask that you do not pack sugary food, particularly no soft drinks. StarTime also enforces a ‘NO NUTS’ policy and there is to be no sharing of food.

For workshops in the workplace

Many parents choose to take advantage of having their children conveniently nearby and arrange to take their child out for lunch during the designated lunch hour, 12.30 – 1.30pm. Please ensure you sign your child out and back in again.

The children are split into groups, with a teacher to child ratio of 1:15.

If you feel your child is capable of actively participating in activities over the length of a day (9.00-5.00, with regular breaks) then potentially this workshop will be suitable. However, we need parents to understand that our coaches will call you to pick up your if they are struggling to keep up, or taking extra teachers to keep them on task.
We would recommend just booking into the first day to see how your child goes, as that day the junior students will be engaged in science activities which is probably the easier of the two focused activities.

Lunch break is 12.30 – 1.30pm.

If you’re planning to pick your child up during this time and take them out for lunch please remember to sign them out when you them pick up and sign them back in again when you drop them back to the workshop.

You are welcome to stay for the first 10-15mins if you feel the need to settle your child into the workshop, but we do prefer all parents to leave after that as the children/group settle in much quicker and are less distracted if their parents aren’t around.

We have regular toilet breaks throughout the day. Our StarTime Coaches will escort all the children to the toilet during these break times. Outside of these times children are instructed to go with a buddy.

Anything which is left behind by children will be left at the venue. Our StarTime coaches are instructed not to take any lost property with them.

Unfortunately we aren’t eligible for the Child Care Subsidy at the moment.

Not as yet, but we’re looking to have this by January 2020.

We currently run workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Many of our workshops are run through privately run organisations. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss us running a StarTime workshop at a location near you.

Refunds or changes to your enrolment will only be considered if notification occurs a minimum of one week prior to the commencement of the holiday workshop period. Refunds will not be accepted past this date.

StarTime Studios reserves the right to cancel a workshop for reasons beyond our control. If this happens, all fees will be fully refunded or transferred to another course.

Our workshops are designed for primary school aged students (5-12yrs old). If your child is 5yrs old but not at school yet then we recommend waiting until your child has at least been at school for a term.

Children 12yrs + are welcome to attend. Where possible we will notify you if there aren’t any other children enrolled who are around the same age, incase that’s a deal breaker for your child.

At StarTime we like to offer the older kids a leadership role to further develop these skills in a team environment.

Please email us at and we’ll sort this out for you. If there is no price difference between workshops then it’s an easy fix.

Please email us at and we’ll sort this out for you. In the meantime you might like to check your junk box just incase it’s turned up there.

No problem! Please email with your child’s name and the name and location of the workshop you’ve enrolled them into.

Please email us at and we’ll sort this out for you.

We welcome any feedback or information about your child that you feel will help your child gain the most out of their time at the workshop. Please feel free to chat with the teachers at the start or end of the day. Alternatively please email us at

Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Email us at

Terms & conditions
By attending a StarTime workshop you agree to our full Terms & Conditions, to view click here.