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Terms & Conditions

By attending a StarTime professional development workshop you agree to the full Terms & Conditions as laid out below.

Enrolment Confirmation
An email confirmation and information pack are emailed upon enrolment. Please note, enrolments are confirmed one week prior to the commencement of the prof

Course Cancellation and Refund Policy
StarTime Studios reserves the right to cancel a course for reasons beyond our control. If this happens, all fees will be fully refunded or transferred to another course. StarTime will notify the participants as early as possible, but advise all participants to check the StarTime website for any last minute updates or cancellations. StarTime will not accept any responsibility for losses incurred by the school or participant or any other party brought about by changes to any event.

Health & Safety
The Participant must follow all safety instructions and agrees that StarTime Studios is not responsible and will not be held liable for any damage, theft or damage to the Participant’s personal property at the venue prior to, during or after the workshop.

StarTime Studios reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who poses a disciplinary problem to our facilitators and staff.

Lost Property
StarTime Studios does not accept responsibility for personal property left at the venues we use. Our Workshop Facilitators are instructed to leave all lost property at the workshop location and in the hands of Venue Management.

Your Personal Information
Any personal information will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Changes to Workshop
StarTime Workshop Facilitators are all professional Actors / Filmmakers or IT Teachers and therefore, and only as a last resort, we must reserve the right to make last minute substitutions of facilitators and course material.

Photographs & Recording
StarTime Studios reserves the right to make photographic and/or visual/audios recordings of our workshops and participants for inclusion in our archives for use as training and marketing materials. We will always make you aware of the fact we are filming and if you would prefer this material not be used by StarTime, please let us know.

Intellectual Property and Copyright
1. All the contents of the course (including but not limited to StarTime Studio’s resources, course materials, tools, inventions, copyright work, designs, patents and know-how) are intellectual property held under licence by StarTime Studios (“Intellectual Property”) and all rights are reserved.

2. The Participant shall not use or distribute StarTime Studios Intellectual Property other than for the Participant’s personal use or with students enrolled within the school or organisation set out on Page 1 of this Registration Form, or with students enrolled in another school or organisation which employs the Participant as an employee.

3. The Participant shall not use StarTime Studios Intellectual Property for commercial gain or any purpose other than as permitted in the clause (b) whether directly or indirectly through any joint venture, business, company, trust, partnership or firm and whether as owner, partner, director, shareholder, beneficiary, unit holder, officer, contractor, consultant, employee, agent or adviser.

4. Participants are no permitted to record (whether sound, video, photography or otherwise) anything which does not relate to an instruction or exercise pertaining to the course, without prior written approval from StarTime Studios.

I accept