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Terms & Conditions

By registering in a StarTime LIVE workshop you agree to the full Terms & Conditions as laid out below.

To make StarTime LIVE a fun and safe experience for everybody, we StarTime Values and rules in place for kids to follow. These will be explained to your child at the beginning of the LIVE session. If your child misbehaves, we will make attempts to discuss the issue with your child via a private chat on Zoom and if the problem continues, we will contact you. StarTime has a zero tolerance stance on bullying.

Upon registering for a StarTime LIVE workshop you will receive a confirmation email with details of the Zoom session and how to join the workshop. Should you not receive this information please email or phone 1300 463 513.

a) You acknowledge and agree that temporary interruptions due to internet connection may occur from time to time. We shall exercise reasonable care to prevent or minimise such interruptions.

b) We will not be liable for performance delays or for non-performance, due to causes beyond our reasonable control.

c) Personal Injury – StarTime accepts no responsibility for any injury incurred at during the LIVE streamed workshop by your child or minor nor any subsequent cost related to that injury.

d) Parents/guardians/carers agree to the following:

  • By registering for a StarTime LIVE session/s and by having any children in your care participate in any of the sessions, you acknowledge and agree that:

    a. You have a duty of care to, and are solely responsible for the supervision of, any children attending these sessions whilst under your care;

    b. You are aware of your responsibilities as a carer for any child participating in the session and that you shall act in accordance with same.

    c. You shall indemnify StarTime against any claims however so arising as a result of any children under your care participating in a StarTime LIVE session/s.

Refund Policy: All LIVE streamed workshops purchased are Final and Non-Refundable

LIVE streamed workshops are non-refundable. Once the workshop is purchased/attended, no refund will be
granted regardless of the reason. We provide workshop preparation material before the commencement of each LIVE streamed workshop. Despite if you have the workshop materials or not, provided you have a reliable internet connection to receive the Zoom session there is always value in the workshop for each participant.

Exchange Allowed: Participant will be allowed to exchange with other workshop of equivalent or
lesser value, if the workshop is not attended within 15 days of purchase. Exchange request must be
received by email at No exchange will be granted if the request is more
than 15 days after the purchase date.

Multiple payments for the same course: In case participant made extra payment (same course
bought multiple times) for the same workshop, a refund will be issued upon request. There will be a
3.7% transaction cost charged by credit card processor per transaction.
If you have any questions, please contact us before making a purchase.

StarTime Studios reserves the right to cancel a LIVE streamed workshop for reasons beyond our control. If this happens, all fees will be fully refunded or transferred to another workshop.

a) We reserve the right to change workshop prices at any time. In the event of such change, confirmed registrations will be honoured at the original price. Registrations confirmed by a purchase order within 10 days of a price increase will also be honoured at the original price.

b) Prices do not include sales, use, service, value added or like taxes or customs duties (or GST). Such taxes and duties, when applicable, will be added to our invoices.

Please read the following carefully:

I understand that StarTime Studios Pty Ltd (“StarTime”) will record the programme and that during the recording, images or video of my child may be captured

I irrevocably authorise StarTime (and its representatives, related entities, successors, assigns, officers and employees acting with its permission or authority) to take and use, distribute, exhibit, publish, reproduce, broadcast, communicate and adapt any photographs, video or sound recordings of my child and any other reproductions or adaptations of my child’s likeness (“the material”), either in full or part, without any restriction or limitation in perpetuity for the purposes of StarTime’s commercial, promotional, advertising or marketing activities by any present or future media or means known or unknown (“Purpose”)

I acknowledge and agree that neither I nor my child has any rights, at law or otherwise, in the material or in any StarTime publication that includes the material.

I therefore authorise StarTime to take the actions indicated above.

By registering my child for this LIVE streamed workshop I confirm that:

  1. I am the parent/guardian of the child being registered to participate/view the programme;
  2. I grant StarTime a royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferrable and assignable licence (including the right to sublicense) the material for the Purpose;
  3. I agree that neither I nor my child will receive any compensation or payment or any form of remuneration now or in the future in consideration for my consent to StarTime to any use, distribution, exhibition, publication, reproduction, broadcast, communication or adaption of the material;
  4. I agree to release StarTime (and its representatives, related entities, successors, assigns, officers and employees acting with its permission or authority) from and against any and all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, causes of action(s), cost and expenses whatsoever, at law or in equity, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, which I or my child had, now have, or may have arising out of the StarTime’s use of the material.

Please note: Participants may not make recordings of any StarTime LIVE streamed workshop unless instructed by the StarTime Host.

Any personal information will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.