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Each of our StarTime Coaches possess a special combination of traits:

  1. A passion for teaching children and young people
  2. Creativity: because a little bit of imagination solves everything
  3. You realise the significant role you play in positively developing the hearts and minds of our students

Our Values

Who needs the seven seas when you can have four.

  1. Commitment – When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution
  2. Courage – To inspire the next generation of creative leaders
  3. Collaboration – Teamwork makes the dreamwork
  4. Compassion – To take care of yourselves and others


When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution

If you want to create something of value you have to commit. Having ideas is a great start but the real work in being creative is when one commits to the idea becoming reality.

Whether it’s a story, a dance, film Be committed to seeing the idea through from conception to completion.

Through the process of creating you will come across road blocks, obstacles and challenges if you haven’t totally committed – you will risk giving up.

If a performer does not give 100% of themselves they’ll never know how good they could be or where they need to improve. Same with an athlete. If they don’t commit 100%, they’ll have no chance of winning.

Commit and give everything you have and the ideas and solutions will come!


To inspire the next generation of creative leaders

To be a creative leader one must have courage. The courage to push the envelope, your own comfort zone, and the courage to overcome fear – not allowing fear to hold you back. At StarTime, we as coaches must be examples of courage. To be mentors of emotional fortitude! To be truthful about our own emotions, but commanding them so we do not ever allow them to rule what we do or what we say. Our actions are driven by our values and what they stand for.

As coaches we…

  • Have the courage to stand up and, step by step, contribute to achieving StarTime’s Vision
  • Have the courage to behave in line with our values
  • Have the courage to give of yourself to our students and stakeholders

Our students show courage when…

  • They give 100%
  • Stand up for themselves and each other
  • Do something they’ve never tried before
  • Improve on something they have just learned
  • Look after and listen to each other
  • Speak truthfully
  • Collaborate with other children they don’t know


Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Collaboration is, by nature, multifaceted. It involves clear and consistent communication, active listening and understanding, sacrifice and courage in order to achieve a shared goal. At StarTime we use collaboration in so many areas and contexts. Our Coaches work in teams and our Coach teams collaborate with our office team. We collaborate with our customers and parents in order to provide the world class programs we promise. Effective collaboration is in our DNA across everything we do. Clear communication is a key part of collaboration. Communicating between parents, coaches and StarTime Management is key. If ever, at any stage there is ever an incident that causes concern, no matter how minor it may seem at the time, please bring it to the attention of StarTime Management. It is important to nip any issues in the bud at the first available opportunity before the situation can potentially escalate further. This is important for the safety of all children and coaches. Like the children in our workshops, we consider ourselves a tight team as well!


To take care of yourselves and others

The safety of our students and staff is paramount. It is your obligation as a Coach to make sure you keep yourself and your students safe, physically and emotionally. Acting kind and considerate to children, fellow Coaches, parents, suppliers and all our partners equally.

Physical safety: firstly check for any potential hazards in or near the workshop space. Leads, furniture, broken glass in carpet can be common hazards. Please do a thorough check and take any action necessary to render the hazard safe. Please also familiarise yourself with the Coaches Code of Conduct. And check all safety procedure and briefings given before the workshops start. Please refer to the workshop rules in the workshop folder.

Head counts and rolls: It is vital that you establish the correct numbers in your workshop and account for each child at any given moment. Check rolls and complete head counts of children at the beginning and end of each session, toilet breaks or whenever children leave the room. No child is to be left unsupervised.

Emotional Safety: StarTime Coaches are responsible for creating an atmosphere of joy and creativity. Bullying and nastiness is not tolerated. A nurturing environment, fostering an understanding that fun and support for each other, is critical for being creative.

Incident Reporting: Any accidents or incidents that happen during the workshops must be written on the Accidents Form, in the workshop folder.

For more detailed health and safety, please read our health & safety policy