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Coach Responsibilities

Coaches, please remember that you:

  • are regarded in the highest possible esteem!
  • can make or break an experience at StarTime for any one of our participants
  • are at the coalface and responsible for carrying out and instilling the StarTime Values
  • promote our culture, which “inspires the next generation of creative leaders!”

For this to happen we strive to deliver world class programs and unforgettable experiences, for all our stakeholders – children, parents and our partners.

Trainee Coach

All StarTime Coaches must complete at least 1 session of this in-workshop training or, for more experienced Coaches, being an assistant before becoming a full StarTime Coach.

  • You must observe and take on training rituals learnt whilst doing the training day and or online lessons
  • You will be asked to perform general duties at the workshop.
  • You may also be asked to assist in the teaching of the workshop if necessary
  • You will be assessed on the tasks you perform and HOW you perform them in accordance with the StarTime Values and rituals.
  • Depending on how you rate in the assessment guidelines will determine how much additional training you require before becoming an assistant or StarTime Coach

Assistant / Junior Coach

Must have completed induction training either face to face or online before being an Assistant Coach.

  • You will have completed the StarTime Induction process and been on at least one workshop under “training”
  • If your level of teaching experience is significant (more than 2 years), you may not be asked to be an assistant.
  • Assistant will be Assisting the Coach in their class/session.
  • Doing whatever is required to help the Coach run a smooth session.
  • Taking a smaller group of students to run a routine /act/exercise as directed by the coach.
  • Carrying out admin tasks at the workshop: eg: Keeping time, signing out students, taking groups to the toilet, supervising StarQuests.


You are at “Coach” level only after you have completed a training session and had in-workshop training, and/or been an Assistant for at least one workshop.

  • You will be responsible for the running of your subject area.If its dance, you’ll have a routine, singing: have worked out how to split etc and be across the syllabus you are teaching for your particular workshop – making sure you’ve completed the workshop objectives.
  • You will work closely with the Head Coach, collaborating and communicating to contribute to the overall smooth running of the workshop.
  • You will delegate and collaborate with the assistant, should you have one, keeping in mind the demands of other Coaches and sharing the workload as necessary

Head Coach

You are eligible for being a Head Coach if you have shown the necessary leadership qualities and familiarity with StarTime procedures.

  • Responsible for the overall smooth running of the workshop
  • Liaising with StarTime Workshop coordinator to make sure all materials are at the venue ready and returned or passed on the next workshop
  • Delegating effectively and instilling the StarTime Values in Coaches throughout the workshop
  • Communicating effectively with joy to all groups: Students, parents and teachers to ensure StarTime feel and values are ever-present.
  • Set-up of workshop space each morning.
  • Strike the materials from the space each afternoon if necessary.
  • Ensuring workshop materials are ready for next workshop or returned to office as requested.
  • Ensuring venue is kept tidy and cleaned at the end.
  • Liaising with Venue during the workshop.
  • REPORT & PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO STARTIME ON THE WORKSHOP DELIVERY – this is important for us to keep improving our service to be WORLD CLASS.