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Workshop Syllabus

Workshop: Creative Sports

Length of workshop: 1 day

Overview: In groups of 5-6, Students compete in various games as a team competition. 

In groups of 5-6, Students compete in various games as a team competition.  Specific games such as Crazy cricket, Soccer Scorer and Nutty Netball should be highlighted as the “Aussie” part of the day.

(Please underpin every game, task or exercise with the StarTime Way: 

Creating a safe space for building creative confidence with Collaboration, Commitment, Communication and Listening.)

The idea for the day is to encourage participation by all children AND underline the COLLABORATIVE aspects to each game.  Points are not the focus of the day, having fun is the priority.  The scoreboard can be updated during the breaks and revealed when returning, however, the last games session is not tallied in front of the group as it will be disclosed after the awards ceremony.  This way the ceremony is a surprise for everyone.  

Points are given for every team/individual that participates. See the table below. With a class of 40, there will be 2 divisions – 4 teams in each (5 each team) 

At the ceremony, each child should leave with either a medallion, or certificate and one child will receive the startime trophy for winner of the star chart.  This Trophy can be nominated by the coaches for a child who has shown great collaboration, commitment, communication and listening throughout the entire day. (See the use of the Star Chart)

SCORING METHOD: Please see photo of example scoreboard and write this up before the workshop begins

Participants will:

  • Students learn how to strategise in groups whilst developing skills such as cooperation, communication, and collaboration
  • Students understand the importance of supporting and encouraging each other through individual and team games,

Go through workshop Rules and explain StarTime Scoreboard Awards and Points for teams. 
StarChart: Goes to best StarTimer for the day.
Briefly outline what will happen over the day. Outline variety of Games covering skills, luck, physical abilities, and mind challenges
Put children into groups of 5-6 (even number in each group better) and then have each groupnnSession 1

Team Flag Creation & Team Chant 

WHAT: Students come up with a team name and flag or team chant.

Note: For shorter workshops, skip the flag creations and build excitement through the team chant component.


  • Choose a team name (country real or fantasy) and design a flag together as a team
  • Choose a Captain by election
  • Using A3 Paper and texta’s students create a team poster/flag
  • Introduce each team and display flags on wall
  • A3 Paper
  • Coloured Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Blue Tack

Head Coach:

  • runs through outline of day


  • can assist groups with team exercises

When they break into groups – which will be their groups for the day

Select a Buddy (use game if required). With groups ensure evenly mixed with ages of children.

Reward each group with a point to begin scoreboard for great design of flag

Tunnel Ball

WHAT: Tunnel Ball

HOW: Children stand in a line behind each other with legs apart. Front child passes ball through legs and last child collects and runs to front to pass ball through legs. When the entire team has done on all sit down

  • Ball

Head Coach:

  • to demonstrate and coordinate game


  • AC/JC to assist with child management and encourage participation.
Balloon Wrestling

HOW: Balloon Wrestling- Individual/teams.

  • Inside square individuals or team must burst their balloons first (or the most within a minute). The team who has the most balloons bursts within the time frame …wins!
  • To make it more fun – players cannot use their hands or feet to burst balloons. This makes for interesting viewing. A player can combine with a team-mate to burst a balloon too.


  • Ensure safety, keep it fun. 
  • Time limit is 1 or 2 minutes.
  • If a tie, have a POP-OFF. Ie 1 player with 1 balloon  from each team must be the first to burst their balloon.
  • Balloons
  • String
  • tape

HC – to explain overview of game.

HC – coordinate two teams

AC – coordinate other two teams and blow up balloons

Aero Plane Shot Put

Can be played as a whole group, individual or pairs


  1.  mark out the length lines
  2. Students construct an Aeroplane 
  3. They throw their aeroplane and receive points depending on the length line they land closest to.


  • Every child Scores
  • Paper
  • Tape

HC – to explain overview of game.

HC – coordinate two teams

AC – coordinate other two teams and blow up balloons