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Workshop Syllabus

Workshop: DJing and Music Producing

Length of workshop: 1 day

Overview: Be the life of the party with your new found DJ mixing skills!

Record and produce your own music using the biggest gateway to music production – Garageband. In just one day you’ll create your own beats, learn the art of mixing and the use of effects, editing and basic sound manipulation… culminating in producing your very own music recording to share with family and friends.

StarTimers will be using iOS Software, Garageband on an iPad. This skill is also transferrable to iPhone. 

Note the group will be split into two groups: 
5-7yr olds will work with a pre-prepared mixed track which they can use as the basis of learning how to layer different instruments and record their own voice.
8-12yr olds will go deeper into learning all the great things you can do in Garageband.

Participants will learn:

  • to make full structured songs by using stock plug-ins and instruments provided by the Garageband app
  • about tempo
  • about melody
  • about chordal structure
  • about lyricism and beat production

Session 1

Music Warm Up

WHAT: Introduction to Music Production.

What is it? What kind of people produce music? For who? Diving into the different realms that music production can take you. FROM scoring cinema, soundtracks, personal artistry, sound design for theatres, commercials and much, much more!

Begin with a game:
Can you hear the drums? Head Coach will select an instrument to play on the Garageband App and the kids will guess the instrument sound.

This will lead into exhibiting how to accomplish this task of selecting an instrument in the app, to playing the game amongst their peers in their groups.

Next: in groups of 2-3 kids, open the Garageband app on the iPad.

 – Select a new project template.

–  Select an instrument.

–  Select autoplay or touch mode.

–  Select a new track and repeat the process until you have a beat!

WHY: Participants will learn:

  • there is no limit to their creativity
  • to branch out on their own and explore their original concepts and ideas
  • to develop the skill of music knowledge, which is applicable to the skill of language
  • communication skills and mind mapping logical thought into creative outcome and vice versa
  • iPad with Garageband App
  • Headphones with microphone (standard Apple earphones will work)

Head Coach:

Breakdown the larger tasks and introduce the app and music knowledge and structure of the task ahead

2nd Coach:

  • Crowd Control and Behaviour Monitoring
  • Assist with relaying the instructions / info shared by the Head Coach
  • Toilet Trips and other logistical assistance

If having trouble putting the music to a timer, switch on the metronome.

Not sure what the metronome is? It’s super easy and will be one of the first things Bernie will run through. But if you’re not sure, please be sure to ask Bernie.

Music sounding out of time?

Ask Bernie what quantising means.

Create a little song/rap:


By now, StarTimers should have a basic idea on how to layer sounds together.

Now make a fun song with lyrics, remember, we have about 8-16 bars to fill.


The beat is made. Now select a “new track” and “audio” to record vocals. Hit the red circle to “record” into your headphone’s microphone.

WHY: Participants will learn:

  • to complete the song
  • to develop ideas on top of a beat
  • every great song has a great front person!
  • Headphones with microphone

Head Coach:

  • Teach Song 

2nd Coach:

  • Crowd Control and Behaviour Monitoring
  • Sing along with kids to model what is being taught
  • Toilet Trips and other logistical assistance

Try to find a corner of the room where you can avoid receiving the same noise from your surrounding peers.
If this isn’t possible and sounds are still bleeding into your mix, ask Bernie about “noise gate”.Session 2



Time to remix using the Remix FX.


Demonstrate how to use the remix plug in and what the functions are. Once achieved, students will try for themselves!

WHY: Participants will:

  • learn to let go of control and have creative freedom in completely changing a song, whilst keeping the original ideas of their composition

  • encourage abstract thinking and exciting new possibilities for change

  • Headphones with microphone

Head Coach:

2nd Coach:

  • Crowd Control and Behaviour Monitoring
  • Toilet Trips and other logistical assistance

Try to find a corner of the room where you can avoid receiving the same noise from your surrounding peers.
If this isn’t possible and sounds are still bleeding into your mix, ask Bernie about “noise gate”.Session 3  Extension

Acting Scenes – FROZEN the Musical


Perform scenes inspired by the Broadway musical of FROZEN


  • Explain basic stagecraft – e.g. don’t mask the other actors, try and face towards the front
  • Reminder of basic vocal technique
  • Split students into groups
  • Allocate scenes & distribute scripts
  • Allocate roles 
  • Groups to work together collaboratively to rehearse their scene and find their blocking and characterisation – Head Coach & Coach to float between groups and assist with problem-solving, feedback, ideas etc.

WHY: Participants will:

  • Show courage by speaking in front of a group
  • Display commitment to role and character and understand their part in telling a story
  • Work collaboratively with their scene partners to tell a story
  • Learn basic stagecraft
  • Learn basic spoken voice skills

Microphone (for large groups or corporate workshops only)

Head Coach:

  • Head Coach – Prepare scripts, etc.

2nd Coach:

  • Should take a leadership role during this activity when possible

  • Get kids engaged

Begin with something simple like “I am a Tree” – give them a theme to start off with.