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Workshop Syllabus

Workshop: Live to Sing & Dance

Length of workshop: 2 Hour (VAC Syllabus)

Overview: StarTimers will learn how to sing a simple upbeat pop piece and show off their moves by adding some fun choreography.

1.5-2 hour incursionnnTo view the syllabus click herenn1 day incursionnnTo view syllabus click herennIf you are fans of hit TV shows like ‘The Voice,’ ‘X-Factor’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ or you love nothing more to sing and dance to your heart’s desire, then Live to Sing & Dance is the workshop for you!

Participants will:

  • Develop basic dance technique and coordination in a group setting
  • Learn basic vocal technique in a group setting
  • Learn about focus and performance quality and create a polished final performance
  • Show commitment to the material covered in both singing and dancing, regardless of their level of experience
  • Demonstrate courage by singing a solo, duet or small group piece in front of their peers
  • Communicate and collaborate in a respectful and enthusiastic manner to create pieces for performance

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    Get VAC staff to film the performance on their own devices so we don’t have to worry about the logistics of sending this back out to venues/parents

    Ideal Group Number

    Maximum of 5 groups – beyond this the dynamic nature of the performance can be muddied by too many things happening at once

    Choreography and Extensions

    Keep choreography very simple – always choreograph with the youngest possible attendees in mind. Then have a creative challenge or extension of choreography for older/stronger kids.

    Lyric Sheets

    Will be provided by StarTime HQ – should give enough out for 1 between 2-3 kids. Please collect these at the end and re-use (in the name of sustainability :))

    StarTime Rituals

    With VAC it’s particularly important to leave an impression of StarTime and what we do – make sure you allocate enough time to complete the StarTime rituals including running through our values at the beggining of the day and ending the day with Oscars ceremony and StarTime whoosh!

    VAC/Venue Staff

    Often venue staff will be there to help out on the day – as they may have no experience with the activity you are running is usually better to engage them in more general child management like speaking to any misbehaving kids or acting as an extra set of hands to help out younger kids.

    Child is sick/injured

    Report to VAC Staff/Venue contact immediately. They will have their own protocols and paperwork to follow which you will need to be prepared to assist them with. This may involve remembering details of any incidents resulting in injury. They should also be the ones to contact parents if necessary. Fill out the StarTime incident report form.

    Session 1

    Warm Up Session – Introduction

    WHAT: Introduce coaches and Students


    • Name and Action Game
    • Poison Hand (if time permits)

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Become familiar with each other and the coaches 
    • Understand this is a safe space and feel comfortable and welcome
    • NA

    Head Coach:

    • Direct children through activities

    2nd Coach:

    • Crowd Control and Behaviour Monitoring
    • Participate in games to model what is being taught

    Not at the moment.

    Warm Up Session – StarTime Values


    • Introduce the StarTime Values, Way and rules for the day


    • Teach kids the 4 C’s
    • Outline expectations and rules for the workshop – including any COVID19 safety information

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Understand the StarTime way, understanding the importance of collaborating and helping one another. Understanding that these values will help them do their work more effectively and enjoyably.
    • Understand how to earn Stars for the StarChart and the StarTime Values
    • Understand the value of the equipment and therefore understand the precautions they must take to ensure nothing is broken.

    • Understand the importance of COVID19 safety procedures
    • StarTime Rules
    • StarChart
    • Hand Sanitiser

    Head Coach:

    • Runs through values making sure to engage students so they understand their importance.

    2nd Coach:

    • Crowd Control and Behaviour Monitoring
    Warm Up Session – Overview for the day


    • Outline the day


    • Briefly outline the experiments and get StarTimers excited
    • Get kids into groups (if needed)

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Have a good idea of what they’ll be doing and are excited and energised to get started!

    • Form groups and know the expectations for activity #1

    Head Coach:

    • Run through outline of the day

    2nd Coach:

    • Crowd Control and Behaviour Monitoring
    • Assist with group formation

    Session 2

    Vocal Warm Up and Singing Session

    WHAT: StarTimers learn how to adequately prepare their voices to sing. StarTimers then learn a cut of an upbeat and fun pop song.

    • Warm up – 20 min
    • Singing session – 30 min


    • Demonstrate how to adequately and safely warm up the voice

    • Introduce the song of the day and get kids excited to learn

    • Teach a short cut of the song (including the most engaging parts – chorus, a few verses)

    • Look for opportunities to give groups or individual StarTimers ‘solos’ or spotlights in the final performance

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Understand why warming up is important

    • Learn their part of the song and polish it ready for performing later in the day

    • Demonstrate commitment to their performance

    Physical Resources:

    • BlueTooth Speaker

    Hand Outs:

    • Lyric Sheets

    Head Coach:

    • To run demonstrations

    • Look for stronger kids to give extra creative challenges or solos


    • Allocate stars on Star Chart for commitment, focus, courage, etc

    • Assist with crowd control

    • Assist with logistical tasks

    Session 3

    Dance Session


    • Warm Up – 5 min

    • Dance Session – 25 min


    • Demonstrate how to effectively warm up the body to prevent injury or strain when dancing

    • Demonstrate simple choreography for the song

    • Look for opportunities to give stronger StarTimers improvisation sections or solos

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Learn a new dance routine 

    • Have fun getting to show off their creative moves

    • Demonstrate commitment to their performance


    • BlueTooth Speaker

    Head Coach:

    • Run Demonstrations

    • Look for StarTimers to give extra creative challenge or improvisation opportunities

    2nd Coach:

    • Learn alongside the StarTimers to assist in demonstrating
    • Add challenges for any outstanding students who find the work very easy

    • Float around and assist kids in learning choreography

    • Help any StarTimers who are struggling

    Sometimes it can be a good idea to split up the younger and the older kids. The younger kids can complete the more basic choreography while older kids can be given more of an opportunity to improvise or complete more difficult choreography around the younger ones.Session 4

    Performance and Recording


    StarTimers get to show of their moves and vocal stylings in 1 comprehensive performance for venue staff! It’s usually a good idea to ask venue staff to record this so they can send it out to interested parents.


    • Get kids excited to perform
    • Clear an appropriate space and set up chairs for venue staff as audience members

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Get a chance to demonstrate their commitment to their performance
    • Collaborate with their peers to put on their best performance
    • Cement their learnings by getting to perform them for others
    • Achieve a sense of accomplishment by getting to see the cumulation of their hard work throughout the session
    • Have fun!


    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Microphones (if needed for soloists)


    • Lyric Sheets (try and perform without them but have them on hand for any nervous kids)

    Head Coach:

    • Get kids and venue staff excited for performance

    2nd Coach:

    • Assist Head Coach with behaviour management and crowd control

    • Set up “performance space”
    • Help demonstrate choreography so student’s who are struggling can follow along while performing

    Game – Dance Detective

    Game – Dance Detective


    If you have time at the end – play a game of dance detective.


    • Gather everyone into a circle (it’s more fun if you can convince staff to participate as well.

    • Send out one StarTimer with the assistant coach and ask them to close their eyes and block their ears – they are the Dance Detective

    • Assign a StarTimer in the circle as the Dance Leader

    • Everyone in the circle is to copy the dance moves of the dance leader – the dance leader should repeat one repetitive motion and then change to another when the attention of the Dance Detective is elsewhere

    • The Dance Detective attempts to guess who the Dance Leader is – they only have 3 guesses to get it right!

    • Play as many rounds as you need to fill in the time, varying who is the dance leader and detective each time to give as many StarTimers a go as possible.

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Demonstrate creativity in their dance moves
    • Collaborate by following the lead of the Dance Leader
    • End the day on a positive and high energy note!

    Head Coach:

    • Lead the game

    2nd Coach:

    • Participate and keep energy high

    • OR Clean up the room and pack away any resources ready to depart for next venue
    Wrap Up The Session


    • Give out awards
    • Perform StarTime Whoosh


    • Give out the Oscar to the child who most consistently demonstrated the StarTime Values throughout the session. 

    • Present Stickers to all students

    • Run Through StarTime swoosh!

    WHY: Participants will:

    • Be satisfied they had a fun and productive day!




    Head Coach:

    • Run Awards

    • Wrap up session and thank venue staff

    2nd Coach:

    • Finish cleaning up space and packing away StarTime resources & equipment

    • Help to hand out stickers.
    • Ensure everything is ready for quick departure.