Session One (1.5hrs)

You will learn:

• the importance of stability, correct lighting, quality sound when creating films/ multimodal texts and digital storytelling

• the different types of camera frames (close up, mid shot and long shot) and are shown where these are appropriate

• a range of skills on how to present to camera. After the demonstration you are given the opportunity to break into groups and film a short information report using the skills learnt.

• editing skills using iMovie, using the footage from your filmmaking activity. You will be given an opportunity to consolidate this skill.

• how to integrate filmmaking into the curriculum across all stages (Such as the exercise of presenting to camera).


Session Two (2.5hrs)

You will learn:

• the origin of green screen technology and the visual literacy theory behind why it is used.

• the DoInk or Veescope App and its functions, including making a good key so the green screen changes to the background loaded in the app, uploading images for the background and filming.

• how green screen technology and filmmaking enhances future focused learning in the areas of creativity, collaboration and technology.

• integrate green screen technology into the curriculum across all stages.

Session Three (1hrs)

You will watch:
• a demonstration on a variety of special effects applications on the iPad.
• a demonstration on how it can be added to the films created from the previous sessions.

Wrap up with playing back the finished films that each group created during the day… Much fun and laughter to be had!