StarTime LIVE

Interactive sessions from the comfort of your home!

StarTime LIVE is a new creative e-learning platform – here to give kids an incredible, interactive and live-streamed experience.

We don't just teach science, we teach creativity through science. We don't just teach filmmaking, we teach creative thinking through film. We encourage kids to think as individuals but work as a team. It's what sets us apart from everyone else.

The duration of our live streamed sessions are 1 hour.

LIVE - Technology sessions

Create imaginary characters & thrilling stories using stop motion techniques.

Create your world in Minecraft, then step into it using green screen tech.

Learn digital photography tricks and  create your own masterpiece!

Create special effects to add to your superhero and villain action scene.

Great challenge for builders who are still getting used to Minecraft

Learn about how to create fun, interesting, and creative photographs

Record sounds that will bring your scene or character to life!

This is the next level in animation!

Learn to make characters and objects disappear, reappear, change shapes...

Learn about new fun apps that will enhance your creativity

Join in the fun doing creative challenges together in Roblox

Create special effects to add to your filmmaking projects

Create your own Makeup tricks for Halloween

Create a short film trailer to that will scare your audience

Learn special effects and tricks using your camera

Create your own digital animation short film

Create your own digital animation short film

Create your own digital animation short film

Create your own digital animation short film


LIVE - Performing Arts sessions

Learn easy magic tricks that will impress your family and friends.

Discover your voice through creative puppet play.

Explore music that you can create with your own vocal instruments.

Learn circus skills that you can master using household objects

Perfect the delivery of a funny punchline for the ultimate laugh

Bring your own creative flair to song-making using Garageband

Perform your best talent live on the show for the chance to win a prize

Be the life of the party with your new found DJ mixing skills!


LIVE - Science sessions

Take everyday items and transform them into magical objects.

Create your best slime and so much more, while dressed as a Mad Scientist.

This is an opportunity to put your chemistry skills to the test!

Predict what's going to happen in our science challenges.

Make imaginative creatures and shapes and stretch your slime to the limit!

The physics of sound is endlessly fascinating and FUN!

LIVE - Creative Arts sessions

Learn drawing techniques to create your own cartoon characters.

Get creative with fabric paints and design your own clothing label.

Get creative learning watercolour painting effects.

Get creative hosting your own dessert party for the family.

Test your speed and creativity in our lego challenges.

Create your own cartoon characters

Learn the Japanese art of paper folding

Create your own short cartoon film 

Draw your signature Mandala that expresses who you are 

Bring your model to life

Draw your signature Mandala that expresses who you are 

With household items you can create almost any noise

Create your own Maze Game


LIVE - Wellbeing sessions

Have fun competing in our high energy traditional team sports with a twist.

Stay active learning ninja moves to tackle challenging obstacle courses.

Align your body & mind using mindful movement, breathing & stillness.

Create new Tik Tok dance moves and learn the latest Tik Tok dance trends

Funky moves that inspire physical awareness & creative confidence.

Learn energetic and fun dance moves to the latest music.