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CBRE Brisbane

On the Day

  • The workshop will run from 8:15am to 5:15pm.
  • There will be a lunch break from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

You are welcome to pick them up when you like, however you will need to sign them out each time and advise one of the workshop supervisors on the day.

You are welcome to stay for the first 10-15mins if you feel the need to settle your child into the workshop, but we do prefer all parents to leave after that as the children/group settle in much quicker and are less distracted if their parents aren’t around.

All food and drink will be provided by CBRE. Please advise CBRE of any food allergies your child has.

Please wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes. Please note that some workshops can get ‘messy’.

The maximum number of children who can be enrolled per day is 40. Children will be grouped by age.

It will be at least a ratio of 1:15 children per educator.

All children have the right to have a fun-filled and engaging day, and whilst we understand that children will be children, we do not accept bullying, aggressive and non-cooperative behavior.

If the organisers feel that the safety and interest of the other children is jeopardized because of this behavior, your child will be given three verbal warnings and you will be contacted on the third warning.  If the situation persists after this point, you will be asked to pick your child up.  If you cannot be reached, the emergency contact written in the registration form will be contacted instead. Whilst waiting to be picked up, they will not be able to participate in the workshop.

Anything which is left behind by children will be left at the venue. Our StarTime coaches are instructed not to take any lost property with them.

Medical / Emergencies

Please disclose any medical / behavioural conditions, that we need to be aware of, in order to ensure that we have the appropriate staff to safely manage all the children in our care. If in doubt, please disclose, and we will contact you for further information.

  • Appropriate safety precautions and instructions are provided at the start of the program. All care is taken to ensure that the children are in a safe and secure environment.
  • Parents / Guardians are required to sign-in their child upon arrival, and sign out before leaving the workshop, including if you take your child out for lunch.
  • If your child gets sick during the day, our program staff will call you to pick them up.
  • Parents / Guardians must provide up-to-date emergency contact information, and the named emergency contact must be available to pick up the child at short notice.

We take anaphylaxis seriously. Any child that requires an EpiPen must bring theirs on the day, in association with the ASCIA Guidelines. This is so that in the event of an emergency we have the correct and required dose to hand. Please give the EpiPen to one of our staff on morning sign-in and ensure that all information of the allergic condition was recorded on registration.

During an emergency, it is the responsibility of the facilitators to ensure all children are safely evacuated from the building. Parents/guardians must follow their levels’ evacuation plans as per usual the dispersal method.

Terms & conditions
By attending a StarTime workshop you agree to our full Terms & Conditions, to view click here.