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Performer Release & Consent Form

Production Title:  StarTime LIVE children’s educational program


I, hereby consent to be photographed, recorded and/or filmed by the Producer during the Production on the following terms:

  1. The Producer will own any and all rights in the photography, recording or filming.
  2. I hereby irrevocably grant to the Producer the right for the Producer to Use any photographs, film, videos, audio recordings, any music sung or played by me and my actual or fictitious name used in my Appearance by whatever means exploited, including promotional, commercial, and marketing purposes, whether or not accompanied by any narration or dialogue, by any present or future media or means known or unknown.
  3. I consent to the Use of any printed material in conjunction with the above mentioned Use.
  4. I hereby waive all personal rights and objections to, including the right to inspect, any Use which will be made of my Appearance by the Producer.
  5. I understand that I will not receive any compensation or payment or any form of remuneration now or in the future in consideration for the above consent and I agree to accept as full compensation for my Appearance and for the rights granted herein, other than the single payment received from the Producer for my Appearance in the Production.
  6. I agree to release the Producer from and against any and all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, causes of action(s), cost and expenses whatsoever, at law or in equity, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, which I had, now have, or may have arising out of the Producer’s use of the said photographs, videos, audio recordings, any music sung or played by me and my actual or fictitious name used in my Appearance as herein provided.

DefinitionsAppearance means the signatory’s name, image, physical likeness, voice, any and all attributes of his/her personality and/or performance in the Production;Producer means StarTime Productions Pty Ltd, its related entities, agents, successors, assigns or licensees;Production means all episodes of the StarTime Live children’s educational program including both in person and virtual/streaming adaptations in which there is an Appearance by the signatory of this releaseUse means lawful use and includes the exclusive and perpetual right of the Producer in any jurisdiction worldwide to: use, copy, adapt and/or exploit; mix, edit, duplicate, or re-use, or create derivative works; assign, license or sub-license; publicise and/or market; and exhibit and/or perform and/or distribute by any present or future media, for profit or otherwise.Execution and Acknowledgement

Once you have read through the above consent & definitions please complete the form below