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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of RadiologistsStarTime Holiday WorkshopsScience & Technology Workshop

WHEN: 17-18 January, 8.15am – 5.15pm
WHERE: RANZCR, Level 9, 51 Druitt Street, Sydney
COST: $150/child

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Note: Strictly limited numbers. The workshop is open to boys and girls who are between 5-12yrs old.

The next page is password protected. Please use the p/word: ‘summerhols’

Are you curious about how stuff works? Keen to explore sensational science and rad robotics while putting your problem-solving and technology skills to the test? Then this hands-on two-day workshop is for you! 

Featuring favourite experiments such as “slime” and “the volcano”, our Science segment is an awesome practical exploration of chemistry and physics! We’ll also try plenty of new experiments to extend your knowledge of how elements interact! As always, you’ll have samples to take home and show your family and friends.

In our Technology component, participants will learn the foundations of java script and block coding as they program their Sphero robot to complete tasks, obstacle courses, and even a creative storytelling challenge starring their robot as the leading character!

Working in teams to solve problems, negotiate challenges, and compete in a fun and friendly environment, this workshop is an exciting and valuable experience for all ages as we celebrate each child’s unique gifts. StarTime’s program fosters children’s potential as the Creative Leaders of the future. Our program is tailored to offer appropriate challenges for the age and ability of each child.

Participants will:

  • Engage with science through simple, safe and fun experiments – understanding that chemical reactions can occur by combining everyday household items
  • Collaborate as a team to follow a method, identify issues in the process and discuss solutions with the guidance of their coach
  • Experiment with different elements
  • Observe the different behaviours of liquids and gases
  • Understand the value of learning through a process of observation and trial and error (experimentation) both through instruction and hands-on activities
  • Be inspired to learn more through experimentation and observation
  • Take home results of certain experiments
  • Understand the basics of coding
  • Participate in collaborative problem-solving in a fun, energetic and creative way
  • Understand the basics of Java script and block coding
  • Engage creatively with technology such as iPads and Sphero Robots
  • Engage with mathematical concepts such as angles, time, space and size in a fun and exciting manner

About StarTimeStarTime holiday workshops are designed to captivate young active minds and bodies, in an environment which is safe, fun, focused and compelling for children of all levels to express these gifts.
Our mission is to develop more empathetic human beings. We do this by underpinning our workshops with the values of; courage, commitment, collaboration and communication… and during our workshops we celebrate each time a child displays these values.

The program content is focused on developing fundamental 21st Century skills which are essential skills to “help them shine” in today’s connected world.