Santa's Film Studio

FOR AGES: 5-12yrs (age groups of 5-7 & 8-12)

Create a Christmas card, with a QR code that takes the reader through to your own personal video message.

Your child’s imagination will sore... by embracing the power of green screen technology you’ll be watching your child fly the “Christmas skies” in Santa’s sleigh for days to come!

Using iPads, apps and craft materials provided children will develop their own Christmas cards and work in small film crews to produce their videos.

About StarTime

StarTime holiday workshops are designed to captivate young active minds and bodies, in an environment which is safe, fun, focused and compelling for children of all levels to express these gifts.

Our mission is to develop more empathetic human beings. We do this by underpinning our workshops with the values of; courage, commitment, collaboration and communication... and during our workshops we celebrate each time a child displays these values.

The program content is focused on developing fundamental 21st Century skills which are essential skills to “help them shine” in today’s connected world.