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Scary Movie

An interactive workshop from the comfort of your own home!

Overview:  Just in time for Halloween! And if you’ve done the previous session, just the thing to use your Halloween SPFX makeup for. In Scary Movie Making, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade to make a short film trailer that will scare your audience right out of their Ugg boots!

In this one hour, you will use your iPad and iMovie to make a scary movie trailer. Our professional filmmakers will guide you through a creative challenge and teach you about camera angles, lighting, music and acting.
Making scary films uses all the techniques you need to make all sorts of films – suspense, action and emotion.

Of course the learning continues after this workshop. Take these skills to make your own Scary Movie Trailer and enter into the StarTime Talent Quest at the end of the holidays and you could win Prizes including gift vouchers and T-shirts.

For Ages: 5-12 years

  • iPad / iPhone

  • iMovie app:

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop only supports Apple Devices.

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