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School Holiday Programs

Short school holiday programs keep your children involved and active. This is important for their academic success. It is a chance for them to meet new people and make new friends. It is also beneficial as it opens up a whole new range of interesting kids activities they can immerse themselves in. These school holiday activities should match your child’s interest and personality. This is one of the secrets to engaging a child’s attention.

Our activities and workshops are designed to entice a child’s mind and keeps their body busy. These new experiences are exactly what a child needs to open up a world of possibilities. All these done in safe and fun environments for children of all ages and levels in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & other available towns and cities.

Our programs are immersive and can take from one to three days. These school holiday programs best benefit children from 5 to twelve years old.

Here’s a few of our school holiday activities & workshops

Sports Variety Day

Fun-filled kids activities! A sport competition with a twist! Be it cricket, soccer or netball, Aussie Sports Day will challenge you and your team to its limits. Experience making your own flag, catchphrase and honing strategy play and communication with your team. Your success depends on each contributing their very best.

Science and Technlogy Workshop

This is divided in two age groups 5-7 and 8-12. This workshop tackles a child’s curiosity regarding how stuff works. Explore the science and mechanics of robotics. Increase technology skills and put your problem solving abilities to the test! Perform science experiments and learn the practical application of chemistry and physics. Robotics is where it’s at! They will be immersed in java script and block coding and take their sphero robot on a journey of their own making.

Creative Leaders Workshop

Fun, collaborative and challenge oriented school holiday programs and activities for children from 5 to 12 years of age. They will take on varied roles in a group and learn teamwork. It will take serious problem solving skills, collaborative effort and effective communication in tackling the challenges ahead. These will include filmmaking, choreography and robotics. The end goal is winning StarTime’s Creative Leaders Cup!

Fun Physics Workshop

Discover the magic that is physics! Transforming everyday objects into magical items through fun workshops and experiments. Learn the laws of energy and motion. Use the elements to power rockets, magnets to move things and explore the nature of gravity, friction and electricity.

Harry Potter Filmmaking

Wands at the ready! Engage in a wand fight with Voldemort in your own Hogwarts costume. Learn the basics of filmmaking, digital technologies and the wonders of the famed green screen! Fly through the air on your own Nimbus 2000 or recreate other amazing scenes from Harry Potter.

There is a vacation care activity that will fit your child’s personality. There’s Minecraft Masters Filmmaking, musical extravaganza, singing and dancing workshops and many others. All featured excursions are guaranteed to thrill and excite and will surely pique your child’s interest.

At StarTime, we encourage all participants to celebrate their individuality. These school holiday workshops will be a sure hit as each is tailored to captivate and enthral young minds.