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World-Class Creative Incursions

At StarTime we teach creative learning better than anyone.  That’s why our in-school workshops are here to inspire kids and teachers alike.

Not only is every StarTime incursion packed with the very latest creative ideas, but they’re all directly linked to the curriculum.

‘With a StarTime incursion, your class will be learning and they won’t even know it.’

James Lee (Class teacher)

Our In-School Programs

We don’t just teach science, we teach creativity through science. We don’t just teach filmmaking, we teach creative thinking through film. We encourage kids to think as individuals but work as a team. It’s what sets us apart from other school incursions.

Filmmaking: Kids learn to present to camera, filming techniques, sound production, editing and the value of working together.

Science: We teach the curious, we explore the elements and we may also blow up a volcano; all in a very safe, learning environment of course.

Robotics & Coding: Learn the foundations of javascript, become a coding champion and even program a robot to complete tasks and clear obstacles.

Stop Motion Animation: Inspired by Wallace & Grommet and the Lego films, kids will use figures, plasticine and mini-green screen sets to bring their imagination to life.

Drama: Kids will learn the value of improvisation, to think outside the box but still be part of a team.

 Program benefits

  • Integrated with any KLA or Unit of Work
  • Mix and Match – You can combine up to three course into one epic day!
  • Scaffolded appropriately to setup students (and teachers) for success
  • Delivered by experienced educators
  • Includes all resources & equipment
What others say about our programs”They thoroughly enjoyed it because it wasn’t your typical text book learning.”“The biggest surprise to me was my lower ability students. They were motivated, they were excited, they were talking to their parents about it.”“Hands down using the green screen to film in those ancient civilisations, creating their horror film was their favourite product that they created”“It was incredibly easy and incredibly beneficial”“These incursions are really well scaffolded in that they allow students the freedom to utilise a wide variety of 21st Century skills.” Introduce us to your school

If you’d like to see StarTime at your school please fill in the form below and we’ll continue the conversation. Alternatively you can email