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Sculptor's Studio

Explore sculptural techniques as you design and create your own unique mask.

Welcome to StarTime’s brand new Sculptor’s Studio workshop! From ancient rituals to modern art, masks have long played a significant role in cultures around the world. Explore the possibilities of sculptural form as you design and create your own unique mask.

Discover studio practices used by sculptors everywhere. Learn practical sculptural tricks and techniques as you learn how to wield materials such as plaster to create your artwork. Develop your artistic skills as you learn to use structure and composition to create a visually striking masterpiece. Then brush up on your painting skills as you complete your mask with painted detail to reflect your artistic concept, personality and interests.

Finish off the day with an exhibition of your work for family and friends as you show off your creative skills with your finished sculpture.

  • Explore the significance of masks in different cultures around the world
  • Understand the design process for three-dimensional artworks
  • Learn practical sculpting skills and techniques using specific materials
  • Understand the need for structural integrity when creating sculpture
  • Use practical artistic skills to express individual creativity
  • Articulate meaning and symbolism in their artwork, composing an artists’ statement to accompany their work
  • Present individual work as part of an exhibition
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