Code of Conduct

The aim of this Code is to establish a common understanding of the standards of behaviour expected of all StarTime employees, contractors and volunteers.

This Code represents a broad framework that will help you decide on an appropriate course of action when you are faced with an ethical issue.

The Code places an obligation on all of us to take responsibility for our own conduct and to create a working environment that is collaborative, positive and inspiring so all of us feel happy and proud to work at StarTime.

  • Safety

    First and foremost is the safety of our students. Take all necessary and reasonable actions to make sure each workshop space is safe for children, parents and colleagues (see coach guidelines)

  • Punctual

    As a StarTime Coach you will be expected to arrive on time and keep to the schedule provided

  • StarTime Way

    Familiarise yourself with the StarTime Way

  • Working With Children's Check

    A coach is not permitted to work without a Working With Children’s Check or equivalent

  • Positive Attitude

    To foster an atmosphere of positivity and inspiration in any workshop you teach

  • Respect

    To welcome all students, parents, colleagues and venue staff as part of our team and treat them with respect, fairness and generosity. Keeping the communication lines open

  • Professional

    Always behave professionally in a way that upholds the StarTime values of Courage, Commitment, listening and Teamwork

  • Personal Care

    Always take pride in your appearance. Make sure you are wearing the StarTime uniform at all times, at the workshop venue and it is kept looking presentable

  • Drugs & Alcohol

    No drugs or alcohol to be consumed before or during any StarTime workshop, or taking anything that may impair your ability to conduct the curriculum and exercises

  • Discipline

    Any form of hitting a child in the respect to discipline is never permitted

  • Child Protection Awareness

    A Coach should never be alone in a room with only one other child

  • Invoicing

    Submit an invoice with a valid ABN or a timesheet (if a junior coach), promptly

  • Customer Enquiries

    Refer all work and/or students requesting further tuition to StarTime Head Office

  • Social Media

    Under no circumstances should a Coach be in contact with a student/s outside the workshop environment especially in regard to social media, inc Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites

  • If In Doubt

    If you are unsure of what is the best ethical action to take in any given circumstance, consult the head coach and call StarTime management

Once you have read over the Code of Conduct please complete the form below