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Stop Motion Animation

An interactive workshop from the comfort of your own home!

Overview: Inspired by films like Wallace & Gromit and the Lego films, kids will learn how to create a simple stop motion animation film using household objects. They will be set a task to do in their own time using plasticine and green card, which they can share online in the follow up session one week later, when they will learn more to further their skills in stop motion animation.

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For Ages: 5-12yrs

NOTE: This workshop is designed to be used with iOS devices, but the Stop Motion Studio app will also work on an Android device, but unfortunately we’re unable to provide support for those participants who choose to use an Android device.

What’s needed:

  • Access to a mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone or android device
  • Download and install the Stop Motion Studio App & PURCHASE GREEN SCREEN Capability and AUDIO (from the Apple Store or Google Play Store) onto your mobile device
  • Green card for your mini studio, which is to be setup against a wall or stack of books (refer to image below)
  • Blue tac to secure your green card in place
  • Plasticine (Ideally 3 x different colours)
  • Card board to build your mount for your mobile device to sit on

stop motion

To view step-by-step instructions on how to setup a green screen watch this video

Here’s a photo of an example setup.

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