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  • 1 hour Live-streamed interactive program CLICK HERE
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Available as:

  • 1.5-2hr incursion
  • 1 day incursion
  • 2 or 3 day incursion
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Stop Motion Animation

Stop, collaborate and animate!

StarTime’s Stop Motion Animation workshop will group kids in film crews to create their own action/comedy scenes. Inspired by films like Wallace & Grommet and the Lego films, kids will use lego figures, plasticine and mini-green screen sets. Teams will create imaginary characters and thrilling stories using this creative film technique.

Kids will write their scripts, film, edit and create character voices to bring their stories to life. They will take on various production roles including, producer, set designer, director of photography, foley artist, voice over artist and more…

As with all StarTime workshops, the day will be punctuated with fun creative games linked to the purpose of the day.


Participants will:

  • Create films on iPads using stop motion apps
  • Employ collaborative problem solving skills
  • Learn fundamental filmmaking techniques in: story, characterisation, green screening, editing
  • Take on roles such as Camera Operator, Sound Designer, Director and more
  • Develop bonds through sharing achievements within a team
  • Develop positive attitudes and a sense of gratitude to both winning and losing
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