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Green Screen Technology Across the Curriculum

This interactive, hands-on program:

  • Applies filmmaking technology in the classroom creatively, in a way that engages students with content
  • Develops literacy and improves learning outcomes
  • Demystifies the process for any teacher interested in bringing mult-modal learning to their practice

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Introduction to Filmmaking

Filmmaking is the practical application of essential literacy skills. Learn the fundamental tools of filmmaking necessary to engage students in applying and further developing core literacy skills.

We provide teachers with the foundation to incorporate filmmaking skills effectively into the mandatory use of digital technologies, whilst adhering to a modern learning curriculum.

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Technology has changed the way children learn
 and teachers teach“The rate of change in technology and in society is so rapid that to prepare young people to live and work and be successful in the 21st Century, they will need the ability to think both creatively and critically,  problem-solve and work collaboratively.” What others say about our professional development for teachers“It was a lot of fun”.“A really good engaging tool for our students”.“It demystified the technical aspects of digital video”.

PD testimonial #5 – The PL had really good pace from StarTime Studios on Vimeo.

“The PL had good pace. It took the teachers on a Professional Learning journey that they were able to cope with”

PD Testimonial #6 – I enjoyed every second of it from StarTime Studios on Vimeo.

“I enjoyed every second of it”.

PD Testimonial #7 – A way to enhance their learning and make it fun at the same time from StarTime Studios on Vimeo.

“It gave me a way to enhance their learning and make it fun at the same time”.VISIT OUR SHOPEnhance the effectiveness of your storytelling, invest in technology and hardware that gives you the ability to make professional looking video easily, effectively and at a very low costInterested in our professional development workshops?Please fill in the form below and we’ll continue the conversation. Alternatively you can email