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  • 1.5-2hr incursion
  • 1 day incursion
  • 2 or 3 day incursion
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Voice Video

Have you dreamed of making your own video clip, singing your favourite song? Well in our Video Voice workshop, you’ll get that chance.

Use smart devices and exciting apps to bring your inner SuperStar to life! This workshop is perfect for having fun with friends, as you work as a group to sing, perform, record and share your own music video clip.


Participants will:

    • Understand singing beyond speech
    • Practice singing as part of an ensemble: listening to and connecting vocals
    • Sing in a pop-up studio with professional microphones and interpret direction.
    • Practice the techniques necessary to sing in a studio.
    • Choreograph their own routines
    • Bring expression and energy to their performance.
    • Over-articulate their words for video effect.
    • Create funky digital graphics for their video clip backgrounds
    • Get creative on a green screen set.
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