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More Workshop Feedback”The program was fantastic and well suited to the audience. Both my kids loved the 3 days they spent with StarTime.”“The program is very successful, kids enjoyed it so much. I wish our company could organise the StarTime studio program for every school holiday.”“This vendor is great – they find ways to ensure the kids are collaborating and playing together where no one gets left out. The activities are exciting and imaginative. The program itself is an absolute saviour to working parents. 12/10!””It’s the first time my two kids have ever wanted to cut our lunch break short so they could return to the program, and the first time they’ve wanted to stay when I came to take them home. They absolutely LOVED it this time around – I think the enthusiasm of the staff and the constant changing of activities within the one day really won them over.”“Great initiative, both my son and I enjoyed the chance to meet for lunch in the city. Very helpful for the school holiday coverage.””My children enjoyed all the sessions and we are looking forward to the future sessions.”“The program is an absolute highlight of my daughters school holidays. This was first program in Shelley Street that we attended and she loved it. Keep up the good work!””Kids feedback was the instructors were fantastic! They are looking forward to more in the future/next school holidays.”“Kids feedback was the instructors were fantastic! They are looking forward to more in the future/next school holidays.””My daughter loved the programme. Continuity of facilitators from prior programmes is a big plus so kids can see familiar faces. Liked the fact that I could take daughter for lunch.”“My children attended Friday’s Mad Scientist day. They were entertained well and enjoyed themselves thoroughly with the program. It was a treat already to come to their mum’s work but it was even more fun to be part of the program. Thank you very much.””This is the second time my kids have attended and they loved it. The quality is well beyond other vacation cares they have attended. Personally I love bringing the kids to and from work with me and having the ability to take them out for lunch. It makes school holidays feel ‘different’ and special for all of us.”“Compared to other out of school care, StarTime provided kids with something to do which kept them occupied. It turns the experience into a workshop rather than simply holiday care.””The kids loved all the days but particularly enjoyed the science day.”