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After School Kids Activities Programs

After school kids activities programs enable kids to have more time to develop their interests. They keep children off gadgets and screens. These become a time to mingle and socialise with their peers and people that share their interests. It fosters good leadership skills and teamwork. Some kids activities also improve time-management skills and healthy living. It makes children become well-rounded and sociable. After school kids activities programs fire up a child to find their passion and to work hard to be good at it.

Extracurricular activities encourage children to have many experiences that they may one day look back on with fondness. The time spent on these build their personalities and unlock any talent they may have.

Check out a few of our
after school kids activities programs

Sphero Robotics

Get to know the foundations of computer science. Learn the basics of digital technologies and coding to build your first Sphero robot! A team building exercise to build and achieve simple commands and pre-set challenges or create your own in the Sphero platform and robot.

Lights Camera

Lights, camera and green action is a green screen movie making workshop for children. It is divided in two age groups for ages 5-7 and 8-12. This after school program tackles real world issues while teaching collaborative, team building work as part of a film crew and learning techniques in filming and editing.

Frozen the Spectacular Broadway Musical

Comprehensive after school workshops and musical theatre courses for children, run by inspiring industry professionals, who create warm and nurturing environments to help your kids shine!

Featuring the characters and music from the well-loved film. With music and choreography with you in the starring role!

Live to Sing & Dance

After school programs that unleashes the performer in you! In the themes of “The Voice” and other reality TV programs, this after school workshop is aimed to express and indulge the senses through music. Hip Hop workshops that get you moving and songs that will make the mentors want you to be on their team!

Voice Video Workshop

Applying the wonders of digital technologies creating your own music video and video clips for own use and school presentations! Bring your inner Superstar to life combining these after school kids activities.

There is an after school kids activities program that will fit your child’s temperament and personality. There’s Scary Movie making, stop motion animation, sports improv workshops and other kids activities. All featured children’s activities are guaranteed to enchant and captivate and will surely capture your child’s interest.

At StarTime, we encourage all participants to celebrate their uniqueness. These after school workshops is sure to be a hit with these young minds.