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Teacher's feedback on StarTime/REELise Cyber bullying incursion from StarTime Studios on Vimeo.

A partnership which provides schools with…

REELise RevolutionWe develop creativity, communication and critical thinking skills and build empathy to address the impact of cyber bullying and online influences on youth mental health.
Objectivereinforce key messages about good cyber citizenshipencourage healthy and creative online timecreate a supportive school community where bullying isn’t toleratedencourage reporting and peer supportHow it works

We equip your students, guided by a REELise/StarTime facilitator, to lead a discussion with their peers about their digital exposure, cyber bullying and the strategies they can use to stay safe and help others.

A teacher’s pack is provided prior to the program which includes cyber bullying resources for student leaders and scaffolded script templates and resources to enable the classroom teacher and students to be prepared with scripts and lines learned. A green screen studio and all equipment is provided.

Students will experience a film created by young people about cyber bullying  and focus on the need for respect, responsibility and resilience. Students will take the REELise pledge to create a safe and respectful online world.

Student groups then work on their own filmmaking strategy to address cyber bullying – gaining basic skills in presenting to camera, camera techniques, sound production, editing and working as a crew. They will complete an edited film within the day.

What others say about our programs”They thoroughly enjoyed it because it wasn’t your typical text book learning.”“The biggest surprise to me was my lower ability students. They were motivated, they were excited, they were talking to their parents about it.”“It was incredibly easy and incredibly beneficial”“It’s really well scaffolded in that it allows students the freedom to utilise a wide variety of 21st Century skills.”VISIT OUR SHOPEnhance the effectiveness of your storytelling, invest in technology and hardware that gives you the ability to make professional looking video easily, effectively and at a very low costInterested in our 1 day Cyber Safety Filmmaking incursion at your school?Please complete the form below and we’ll email you a quote