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StarTime is a pioneer in using smart devices and green screen technology to make films in the classroom.1 DAY PROGRAM
Students gain basic skills in presenting to camera, camera techniques, sound production, editing and working as a crew. The class comes together to review and critique their completed films at the end of the day.8 WEEK – 90 minute sessions
These 90min incursions allow the storytelling & writing process to be explored collaboratively. Teachers can align the program with their unit of work & we have more time to spend honing filming techniques with students.Project Based LearningThe highly disciplined and collaborative process of filmmaking provides opportunities to constantly re-incorporate content that develops deeper attainment of knowledge. Students become effective knowledge creators as well as knowledge consumers.

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 Samples of what students will learnProgram benefitsIntegrated with any KLA or Unit of WorkScaffolded appropriately to set students (and teachers) up for successIncludes teacher’s support pack & online videosDelivered by experienced educators in filmmaking & digital literacyIncludes all resources such as iPads & filmmaking equipmentWhat others say about our programs”They thoroughly enjoyed it because it wasn’t your typical text book learning.”“The biggest surprise to me was my lower ability students. They were motivated, they were excited, they were talking to their parents about it.”“Hands down using the green screen to film in those ancient civilisations, creating their horror film was their favourite product that they created”“These incursions are really well scaffolded in that they allow students the freedom to utilise a wide variety of 21st Century skills.”“It was incredibly easy and incredibly beneficial”“It’s really well scaffolded in that it allows students the freedom to utilise a wide variety of 21st Century skills.”VISIT OUR SHOPEnhance the effectiveness of your storytelling, invest in technology and hardware that gives you the ability to make professional looking video easily, effectively and at a very low costInterested in Lights Camera Education incursions at your school?Please complete the form below and we’ll email you a quote