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Filmmaking & Virtual Reality

Give your children the edge in this tech-driven world.

Virtual Reality (VR) brings storytelling to the next level. To fully immerse your audience in the story you want to convey can be the most effective form of story. VR enables this. In this workshop participants will be able to create and experience VR worlds and learn how to immerse an audience in this medium.

StarTime facilitators will help kids employ traditional filmmaking and story design to this medium. It will be fun and interactive, inspiring their freedom to imagine and create almost anything!

Participants will:

  • Participate in improvisation: drama-driven games that help you think on your feet
  • Communicate and combine different ideas within a group in order to produce your ideas in VR
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental techniques, processes, technologies and equipment used in immersive virtual reality
  • Begin to explore materials and processes used in immersive virtual reality
  • Gain an understanding of how to use VR technology as an effective way to convey story
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