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Available as:

  • 1 hour Live-streamed interactive program CLICK HERE
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Available as:

  • 1.5-2hr incursion
  • 1 day incursion
  • 2 or 3 day incursion
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Frozen Spectacular

Join us for a jam-packed two day workshop based on the exciting new film release of, Frozen 2 – and of course the Disney classic, Frozen!

Explore well-loved Frozen characters and scripted scenes inspired by the films. Learn the basics of stagecraft, spoken voice skills and characterisation as you gain confidence throughout our fun-filled StarTime rehearsal process!

Be trained by our singing coach as you apply your new vocal skills to a selection of new songs from Frozen 2 and classic songs from Frozen. 

Then, join our dance coach to learn brand new choreography inspired by the films and the brand new Frozen Broadway musical!

On the final day, invite your family and friends along to watch you shine while performing our very own Frozen Spectacular. Imagine the thrill and excitement of showcasing all you have learned while exploring this magical family story. Build your confidence, build your skills, be creative and be inspired as we explore the world of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and many more favourite friends!


Participants will:

  • Learn acting skills and develop and perform as a character through scripted drama
  • Engage with and apply the fundamentals of improvisation – making and receiving offers
  • Learn choreography and develop physical awareness and focus
  • Learn the fundamentals of singing technique through scales, exercises and songs
  • Engage with music to sing as part of an ensemble or choose to sing a solo/duet
  • Commit to a chosen character through dance and singing to heighten storytelling skills
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