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Fun Physics: Exploring Sound

An interactive workshop from the comfort of your own home!

Overview:  The physics of sound is endlessly fascinating and FUN! In this session, you’ll learn how sound waves work by creating some really cool experiments. With the cup and string experiment you can communicate from one end of the house to the other without even raising your voice. See sound waves move through the sugar crystal experiment and make your own vibrations into music using a “straw flute.”This session will feed into the next two sessions of the day if you want to take a deep dive into music making and expand your understanding of how science and art interact!

For Ages: 5-12 years

Paper Cup and String Phone:
2 x paper cups
Long string (fishing line preferable)
sharp pencil (to punch hole in cup)

Supplies Needed:
Empty clear mixing bowl
Plastic wrap
Large rubber band
Sugar crystals- Sugar in the Raw works the best.

Straw Pan Flute:
8-10 plastic straws
rubber bands
Sticky Tape

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