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Hollywood Sound FX

An interactive workshop from the comfort of your own home!


Sound can bring the simple film scene to LIFE! Sound effects can make it funny, dramatic or scary and trick the audience into seeing something that isn’t there! Our StarTime filmmakers will reveal the magic of “Foley” – the art of creating film sound effects. Learn how to create an action fight scene safely using sound effects. Create the sound of a laser with a slinky or trampoline spring. A skidding car using balloons or the sound of an octopus by using cooked pasta! You will film your own action scene with your iPad/iphone camera and then in imovie, record sounds that best bring this action to life!

For Ages: 5-12yrs

• iPad with iMovie
• iPhone / ipad headphones set (If possible but not essential- can be wired or bluetooth)

Sound effects materials: (you don’t need all but the more you have the more sounds you will be able to make.)
• Cooked pasta in a bowl with water
• Balloons
• Spatula and baking tray
• Cornstarch in leather or plastic pouch
• celery , bok choy or carrots
• Tomato

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