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Kids Activities

Children are like sponges, they will absorb anything. The process and play they do today are important as they may determine the possibilities of their future. All the kids activities they do and take an interest in now will be the beginning of their journey. To where, that is uncertain. Consider the greats, they all once were children dabbling in their chosen hobbies and interests. With the rise of technology it gets harder to encourage children to explore new hobbies. School and after-school activities are one way to get their hands dirty on interests they would ordinarily not do.

Show Off Your Creativity
On The Big Screen

Plan daring escapes, evade alien abductions and execute secret missions in amazing action film sequences in this StarTime’s Action Pack Movie Making workshop! You will be getting to know and working with the latest apps, like green screen, time-lapse sequencing (this is a good one) and other SFX software that will make your movies fierce and explosive. Once completed, these films will be uploaded to YouTube to share with your family and friends. This is a two day action packed workshop full of amazing step by step instructions to make your movie come to life!

Mad Scientist’s Day

Have a mad, mad day with Science! Explore the truths and myths and find how things work on this Science Spectacular workshop. Don your MAD scientist costume and dabble in trial and error. Create slime and explore the nature of volcanoes. Be the MAD scientist that challenges long held beliefs. Discover through experiments how scientists before you came to their conclusions. Scientists change the world for the better by being watchful, being curious and willing to be the instrument of discovery. Join in new experiments creating fog rings with a smoke machine or making stress balls with slime. We can start simple with rainbow plate using smarties. Astonish your family and friends with the completed sample projects you get to take home with you!

Filmmaking and
Virtual Reality

Let you children master the advantages of a tech-driven world

Storytelling on a more enhanced phase with Virtual Reality (VR). Immerse and astonish your audience in the stories you unfold. Be an almost participant in the events that transpire as VR enables you to feel first hand every minute of the story. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to create and experience VR worlds and familiarise themselves on how to enthrall an audience in this medium.

StarTime facilitators will help children practice and put to use traditional filmmaking and story design with this method. Creating a fun and interactive environment to explore their filmmaking capabilities. Inspiring their freedom to imagine and create almost anything!

Live To Dance!Step up your dancing moves! We provide Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop dancing classes with cutting edge choreography by professional dance artists! Explore creative movement interpretation to the latest beats. We encourage our students’ self expression in a fun, challenging and supportive kids activities environment.

Students discover how to express their feelings and emotions through the power of dance. Our workshops include dance battles and free styling, plus create your own dance moves to competently bring out physical expression through coordination, movement and technique. Encourage kids to dance. For “why walk when you can dance!”.

StarTime Kids Activities

Children are naturally exuberant and bursting with energy. They need physical activity daily for their health and development. Those little arms will not stay little for long. Being active makes their bodies strong. This not only helps them physically but mentally as well. Exercise helps build brain cells. New studies explore the possibility that exercise and physical activity increases memory and help stimulate neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells. And all this time doing school activities and school holiday activities will keep those bodies and brain cells strong and healthy! So it comes to kids activities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth parents can source inspiring creative activities via our company.