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Lights Camera Green-Action

Calling all kids – it’s time to take action! Lights Camera Green-Action!

In StarTime’s Lights, Camera, Green-Action workshop, your imagination will be the saviour of your future. Imagine becoming a turtle whose home is in peril? Imagine talking on camera as yourself but 70 years older? Imagine becoming a world leader and deciding what you’ll say to your citizens!? 

With the latest iPad SPFX apps and our green screen studios, we’ll be making your imagination a sustainable reality!

Designed for younger and older children, this workshop explores vital issues in fun, cutting edge ways. We take the issues of climate action and sustainability, which children have learnt in school, and help them express their ideas through film. It even finishes with a film festival for the parents.

Children will learn how to create imaginative stories in a “choose your own adventure” styled journey. They’ll also combine the latest apps to create special effects and turn themselves into a whole host of characters. Perhaps they’ll turn themselves into a turtle and explore the Barrier Reef in 30 years time!?

‘Lights, Camera, Green-Action’ is here to help children think critically about the environment and their role within it; to build empathy by creating imaginative stories, and learn vital media literacy skills in this media-rich, technology-driven world.


Participants will:

  • Think critically about real world issues in a fun and safe environment
  • Learn how to work collaboratively as part of a film crew
  • Develop stories inspired by preconceived scripts
  • Learn to embody imaginative characters
  • Understand media making techniques from filming to editing
  • Present films to a live audience
  • Gain confidence in front of camera and a live audience
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