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Live to Sing & Dance

FOR AGES: 5-12yrs (age groups of 5-7 & 8-12)

If you are fans of hit TV shows like ‘The Voice,’ ‘X-Factor’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ or you love nothing more to sing and dance to your heart’s desire, then Live to Sing & Dance is the workshop for you! 

It will inspire your creative courage, build your confidence and allow your performer within to shine! You will get to sing your favourite songs. Inspired by ‘The Voice,’ StarTime will be running our fun version of ‘blind auditions’, where your mentor will plead for you to be on their team! You’ll shine in our singing and dance battles, as well as learn proper microphone technique and the latest in Hip Hop choreography.

Add to this our lunch time talent quests and final day show for family and friends, and you have an action packed workshop!

What does my child need to bring to the workshop?

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing (no flip flops)

There is no need to bring devices or other equipment with you StarTime will provide what’s necessary for the workshop.

For workshops in the workplace
If your child is staying on premise with our StarTime Coaches then you may like to pack a book or device for their down time. The StarTime Coaches will co-ordinate quiet activities for them to do during the break.

Do I pack food and drink for my child?

Yes, please pack enough snacks, lunch and drink for the whole day. There are breaks throughout the day. We ask that you do not pack sugary food, particularly no soft drinks. StarTime also enforces a ‘NO NUTS’ policy and there is to be no sharing of food.

For workshops in the workplace:
Many parents choose to take advantage of having their children conveniently nearby and arrange to take their child out for lunch during the designated lunch hour, 12.30 – 1.30pm. Please ensure you sign your child out and back in again.

What is your teacher to child ratio?

The children are split into groups, with a teacher to child ratio of 1:10.

My child is almost 5 years old can we still enrol?

If you feel your child is capable of actively participating in activities over the length of a day (9.00-5.00, with regular breaks) then potentially this workshop will be suitable. However, we need parents to understand that our coaches will call you to pick up  your if they are struggling to keep up, or taking extra teachers to keep them on task.
We would recommend just booking into the first day to see how your child goes, as that day the junior students will be engaged in science activities which is probably the easier of the two focused activities.

About StarTimeStarTime holiday workshops are designed to captivate young active minds and bodies, in an environment which is safe, fun, focused and compelling for children of all levels to express these gifts.
Our mission is to develop more empathetic human beings. We do this by underpinning our workshops with the values of; courage, commitment, collaboration and communication… and during our workshops we celebrate each time a child displays these values.

The program content is focused on developing fundamental 21st Century skills which are essential skills to “help them shine” in today’s connected world.