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For musical workshops, at lunchtimes only
  • This is a fun and rewarding aspect to our workshop, where students are encouraged to perform at lunchtime in front of the entire group. It can be anything from a song to a joke to an air guitar performance.
  • Students who do not wish to do an ‘act’ in the StarQuest, may wish to be a Host or Stage Manager – Encourage they get involved!
  • This is a safe and creative space for students to learn and express themselves and receive one-on-one feedback from our coaches.
  • Instead of awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd we reward the winners with 3 red stars on the StarChart and give out these StarQuest awards:

STARTIME PRO: For a well rehearsed performance
MASTER MC: For the most engaging MC
LIGHTNING AWARD: For student(s) who have presented a piece of unique theatre, that is off the cuff or contains the “X-Factor”.
LIONHEART AWARD: For students who displayed courage and spirit.

We find these titles more encouraging than awarding “places” because they do not indicate the child’s natural talent or ability, but rather focus on encouraging the StarTime Behaviours.