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The Oscar Award

Oscars are another tool used to reward and acknowledge outstanding behaviour at a StarTime workshop.

Oscars are awarded at the end of each class to a student who has shown remarkable improvement or exceptional display of the StarTime values.

For Term Workshops: The Oscar is given to the student to enjoy for the week and then returned in the next class to give out to another student.

For Holiday Workshops: The Oscar is awarded at the end of the workshop for the student to take home to keep.

A Gold Star (250 points) is awarded on the student’s StarChart to represent the achievement of winning the Oscar.

  • The Oscar Awards are a fun way to congratulate the students, encourage them during the workshop, and give them something to work towards. They are complementary to the Star System, whereby students are encouraged to follow the StarTime Values and behaviour.
  • Students who have excelled at these, at the end of the day are “nominated” by the coaches for an Oscar during our awards ceremony.
  • Nominees are asked to stand and are applauded by their peers.
  • Coaches decide between them who from each group should get the Oscar award for that day.
  • The winner is invited to give a brief acceptance speech. Oscars are issued for each age group, i.e. Juniors & Seniors. Please remind them also to return the Oscar tomorrow.