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StarTime Studio - School Holiday Workshops

Holiday Workshops

Inspire • Dream • Create – Where it all happens! High energy, dynamic and engaging workshops to keep young minds and active bodies inspired and delighted during the holidays. Specifically designed for 5-12yr olds.
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StarTime Studios - School Term Workshops

Term Workshops

Step outside your comfort zone in Acting, Singing & Dancing to build confidence in performance and gain life skills in all areas of your life. Led by inspiring and committed professional coaches.
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StarTime Studios - School Programs

School Programs

Our programs are designed to flip the classroom, push away the desks and harness the power of digital media and social networks. It is innovative teaching at its best. Lights Camera Education, the teaching tool that transforms learning - and lives.
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StarTime Studios - The Studio: Holiday Workshops

The Studio

Your gateway to the entertainment industry and training ground for success. Specifically designed for 12-16yr olds. This is where you can transform your talent into a life as a professional artist. The Studio is the place to be seen to transform your dreams into reality.
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What people think of StarTime

StarTime Studios

Our 6 year old daughter Olivia attended a StarTime Holiday Workshop in the September school holidays. Olivia had no former singing or performing experience. When I watched the concert at the end of the StarTime Workshop I was thrilled to see her really have a go and participate with confidence and pride. It was a great achievement in only a few days … read more

StarTime Studios

I was looking for something to help me teach different text types in an engaging way. Lindsay Moss came back to me with some creative ideas to teach these through film. We focused on developing a short film narrative which my students really enjoyed. Lindsay was very flexible with producing a theme based around what the girls were learning about in class … read more

StarTime Studios

Bronte’s school reports for the last couple of years always mention how quiet she is, but she shines in your class. Bronte loves Tuesdays because she knows in the afternoon she will be attending StarTime. I am extremely happy with the work you are doing with the kids and I am sure I will see changes in Bronte as her confidence continues to grow … read more

Latest News

Jay's Jungle Casting Call

CASTING CALL for kids aged 4-7yrs

Ambience Entertainment the creators of Magical Tales, Surprises and Kitchen Whiz are producing a new series of Jay’s Jungle and we want you to be involved! Jay’s Jungle (starring Jay Laga’aia) will captivate young imaginations as they have fun learning through play. The activities, ranging from cooking to arts and crafts and dancing are designed [...]

REELise Film Festival: Casting Call for Student Actors

The REELise Film Festival is a youth empowerment program based on mobile phone filmmaking.  The Festival is dedicated to making social activism and film making accessible to young people (12-18 years) through mobile phone filmmaking.  All films for the festival are short films (5 minutes) or less shot on mobile phones which explore youth issues. [...]

Family Casting Call

  Do you and your children sometimes find yourselves feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to achieve, experience and consume more and more? Do you toy with the idea of slowing the pace? ABC1 is making a documentary that looks at the frantic pace of life in the modern family and is currently casting Sydney [...]

CASTING CALL: for children aged 11-13yrs

Ambience Entertainment are currently sourcing possible contestants to attend open auditions in February for their television series ‘Kitchen Whiz’ which airs on Channel ‘Go’ at 7:30 am. Contestant Callout: Series 7 Open Auditions Sydney Dates: Saturday 1st February at 10am  or  Wednesday 5th February at 5pm We’re looking for kids who love to have fun, [...]