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creative workshops and courses for kids

On demand

We offer a range of on-demand courses for kids designed to provide a fun and engaging learning experience. Our courses cover many topics, from filmmaking to science, and we are constantly adding new courses to our library.

Our on-demand courses are perfect for kids who want to learn at their own pace and schedule. They are easy to access and can be watched from anywhere, making learning new skills more convenient.

Our courses are taught by experienced teachers, actors, and presenters passionate about helping kids learn and grow. They use various teaching methods to make learning fun and interactive, including storytelling, games, and hands-on activities.

At StarTime, we believe learning should be a fun and engaging experience. That’s why we have designed our courses to be entertaining and educational. We want kids to be excited about learning and to feel inspired to explore new topics and ideas.

We also understand the importance of keeping kids safe online, so we have taken measures to ensure our platform is secure and that our courses are appropriate for children of all ages.

So why wait? Browse our on-demand course library today and give your child the gift of learning in fun and engaging way. We are confident that they will enjoy the experience and come away with new skills and knowledge they can use for years.

On demand courses

More courses coming soon!