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StarTime leads the way in creative edutainment.

Whether it’s face-to-face or online, in school, after school or during the holidays

We’re committed to delivering world class creative learning to children, schools, organisations and via our partners right across Australia.

StarTime programs are run at

Our coaches are extraordinary

To be a StarTime Coach you have to be a little bit special; a professor of fun, a doctor in the incredible and a wizard in the wondrous.

We pride ourselves on developing new skills to future proof the next generation, but just as importantly, we believe in teaching empathy. It’s something you’ll find in any StarTime course and in all our coaches.


Our Values

At StarTime we firmly believe we’re developing the next generation of creative leaders — giving them the skills and the confidence to realise they can achieve anything.

We are immensely proud of the values we instil into every one of our StarTime courses.


Because imagination can change the world


Life’s better when we work together


To take care of yourselves and others


Inspiring the next generation of creative leaders

Why StarTime?

Fantastic Courses

We have a range of courses for every creative adventure you could think of.

Future skills

Utilising exciting mediums to teach the skills of tomorrow.

Focused Learning

Our ratio is one Startime coach for every 15 children to ensure 100% awesomeness for all.

Lots and lots of fun

It’s safe to say this is not your typical textbook-style learning. We bring the ‘wow’.

Unbelievable coaches

Every StarTime coach is handpicked because they bring something incredible to learning.


All our coaches have had their ‘Working With Children’s Check’.


StarTime’s workshops are engineered to engage kids of all ages and abilities.

Collaboration and empathy

Teaching the art of teamwork and how to form a connection through storytelling.

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Philadelphia with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.

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Jo Moss

As a child, I was painfully shy. At the age of six I lacked so much confidence I couldn’t even approach the canteen ladies to buy my lunch. In fact, my Mum was told by the school counsellor that I was so shy that I would probably have a breakdown by the time I left school. They were wrong of course, I have always been very creative and did well in sport, so my confidence grew year-on-year, as I excelled in these fields.

I know first-hand the incredible impact creativity can have on a child’s development. So when Lindsay and I founded StarTime (before I became a mother), I remember the tingles up my spine and the tears it would bring to my eyes to see StarTime kids on stage, so proud of themselves as they embraced their moment to shine.

I love what we do. By giving young people ‘life skills’ and encouraging kids to believe in themselves, we ignite creativity and contribute to a happier and healthier youth.


Lindsay Moss

In the last 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to build a career in the creative industries. I’ve also been fortunate to see first hand the incredible way passion and creativity can solve almost anything.

I was never great at Maths…that was until I met my year 9 maths teacher. He came to every lesson with a special combination of qualities; he believed in me, he had a passion for Maths and he loved passing on his knowledge. He made ‘excellence’ feel fun and exciting. He inspired me to achieve more than what I was doing and in one term, I went from last to first in the class.

When I was at acting school I saw one of my colleagues perform for the first time. At the time, I couldn’t understand how she had managed to pass the entry audition. But in just 6 months I saw her flourish into an incredible actress. Never would I judge anyone’s ability again. I realised that through passion, hard work and a creative mind-set, you can achieve the remarkable.

The best part is every single child has enormous creative gifts. Our job at Startime is to give them the platform to learn, grow and share them with the world.

World Class: Filmmaking Coach

Matt Hardie

Matt won Tropfest in 2009 and continues to make filmmaking fun and inspiring for StarTime’s budding filmmakers.

World Class: Musical Theatre Coach

Sarah Furnari

With teaching in her genes Sarah is a top shelf teacher with a long list of skills. If the task requires creativity Sarah is all over it!

World Class Musical Theatre Coach

Andrew Wang